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Sydney Wiseman, VP of Brand Development and Creative Strategy at WowWee, talks about a new licensing program, marketing with Roblox and its Nickelodeon partnership in the toy book Annual questions and answers on the state of the industry.

The toy book: WowWee is setting up a licensing program for Got2Glow Fairies in just a few months since the brand launched. What makes a successful toy-based consumer product program successful?

Sidney Wiseman: When it comes to creating a successful consumer product program based on a successful toy, it is very important to stay true to the brand and its core values ​​when applying the license to different categories. For our Got2Glow Fairy Finder, it’s all about catching the magic; lights, sounds and the adventure of finding fairies and magic are in every child’s hands. When we meet with our Striker Entertainment licensing agent and our licensing partners, we always discuss ways to bring that feeling to their categories. Each item produced will have a special element to ensure the Got2Glow magic is there.

VG: How important is integrating toy brands into digital experiences, like what WowWee is doing with Roblox?

SW: The world is changing so fast! Every season there seems to be a new platform or a new trend — it’s always something and it’s pretty exciting! Our WowWee DNA has always been about being one step ahead of “Where will the kids be next?” So for us, it’s super important to think digital. It’s no longer a question of “Does there have to be a digital experience?” Now it’s more like “What is the most effective and innovative digital experience for each brand?” »

Twilight Daycare to Roblox is a great example. Millions of kids play this game online every day, so we thought My Squishy Little Dumplings was the perfect fit to use this popular game as a marketing tool to introduce the brand to all of its players. During this incredibly successful activation, we realized the brand’s affinity with the Twilight Daycare franchise, and so we decided to partner with Twilight Daycare game developer Gamefam by offering a range of physical and collectible dolls that will also be tradeable in-game (coming this fall).

The commercialization of this phygital experience (physical and digital) will rely heavily on new and existing platforms: Roblox, TikTok and even web 3.0 elements. It’s such a fun time to market toys!

VG: Does WowWee plan to continue its partnership with Nickelodeon for the first My Squishy Little Dumplings digital content?

SW: Yes! It’s been a wonderful partnership and the response we’re getting for both toys and animated content has been phenomenal. With the help of Nickelodeon and their amazing team, we were able to bring these Squishy Little characters to life. They have become friends that children want to play with, sing along to and watch on YouTube. We can’t wait to share the additional music and content coming out this spring!

This article originally appeared in the February 2022 edition of the toy book. Click here to read the full issue!