“Wonderful program” in the toy store, viewers feel nostalgia

Viewers of the documentary The Toy Shop on RTE were delighted to take a trip down memory lane on Wednesday night as they prepare for Christmas.

The show took viewers inside every kid’s dream store and took some back to their youth by revealing how toy stores work across the country.

And those who logged in were left with a pleasant feeling the days before Santa Claus filled his sleigh with treats for the children of Ireland, with one even admitting to having ‘screamed’.

It wouldn’t be an Irish program if there wasn’t someone doing a pop, with just one viewer ‘pleasantly surprised to see real toys on The Toy Show ‘when comparing it to the Late Late Toy Show

From toys to the kids who took part in it, to production, those who plugged in praised the show, which one viewer compared to previous documentaries Older than Ireland and The Irish Pub.

A sight said ‘The absolute purity and humanity of it! ‘

Another said ‘Very nostalgic and very natural. Lovely, dedicated people who love what they do and wonderful children. ‘

A total of 16 Irish toy stores were visited, and many of the store’s children became the stars of the show.

Just two days before Christmas, this was the perfect program to put people in the mood for Friday night’s visitor and reminded a few others that local shopping is key to getting Ireland back on its feet after the pandemic.

Nice little show. We are all a little guilty of buying online when we should be supporting local small businesses more.

Those who missed it were encouraged by other viewers to tune in to the player for a chance to catch it before Christmas Day.