Woman says when she walked into a toy store she was told not to touch, open or pull anything

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A shopper felt ‘tremendous pressure’ looking at items in a children’s toy store after staff told him not to touch the items.

“I don’t open any packaging, plastic packaging, just hold and see only,” a member of the Complaint Singapore Facebook group shared on Saturday (August 27).

She was shopping at Happy Kiddy at Toa Payoh Interchange when the incident happened.

“I understand that no one wants to buy things that look old off the shelf; I don’t do anything that depreciates the value of the product,” the person said.

“And it happens every time I set foot here, very sian.” The original poster added that the items were also overpriced, as regular stickers cost S$3.90 apiece.

It appears this was not an isolated incident as store staff also told other people not to touch anything.

“Yah… This store which is located at the Toa Payoh bus interchange has been around for many years,” said Facebook user Julie Lei.

“No business, but can survive for many years. The staff there don’t seem happy to serve customers every time (I’m interjecting). They seem to feel that you have invaded their privacy. I feel funny every time I pass because they were visually pressuring you until you left. I thought I was sensitive, but someone here felt it too. Lol.”

A Geraldine Soh was a regular at the store but stopped frequenting it after similar treatment from staff. “I don’t know if it’s still the same staff, but yes, when you touch just one thing, there will be eyes looking at you. Sometimes you’ll hear, “Don’t touch, open, or pull.”

“They better close their physical store and go online. Too many restrictions like we are in a museum,” advised Facebook user Min Yi.

Meanwhile, there were a few who did not experience such behavior from store staff.

“You must be damn lucky. I went here. I touched, asked the price, didn’t buy and left. No one said anything even after I repeated the same old process,” one netizen said.

Buyers may need to plan their visit to avoid such warnings from staff./TISG

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