Wife changes locks after ex-husband gives mom a key to her house


A Redditor gave her ex-husband the key to his house. She thought it would help her get their sons back during her weekend care. However, she was furious after he gave the key to his mother without her consent.

The Redditor and her husband had divorced and she was granted full custody of her three children. However, the original poster husband (OP) was given one weekend per month with his two sons after the procedure.

She was a stay-at-home mom and agreed to let her husband have a spare key to his house. She thought it would help her have the boys without disturbing her and their baby. However, she was against any further visits from her side.

About two months later, OP was shocked to find her ex’s mother in the living room. She was playing with her daughter. OP confronted his former brother-in-law. She explained:

“I asked her how she got in, and she said her ex gave her her key so she could collect the boys for him.”

OP couldn’t believe what she had just heard. According to the procedure, her ex was the only one allowed to choose the boys. She strictly told her ex’s mother that she would only leave the children with him next time. Her mother-in-law agreed and everything seemed to be going well for a while.

Almost a month later, her ex’s mother forced herself into OP’s house to get her sons back. OP was furious because she had already warned her against the visit. She added:

“I was a lot tougher this time, saying this was my house and she couldn’t just come in.”

Much to her dismay, her former mother-in-law lashed out at her, claiming that it was not only her home, but also that of her grandchildren and son. She showed OP the spare key and told him that she did not need any permission to reenter the house.

OP was annoyed and immediately called her boyfriend. After hearing what had happened, OP’s boyfriend brought a new front door lock and installed it.

However, she decided not to give her husband the key to her house anymore.

A few days later, someone knocked on the front door so hard that OP lost his temper. She saw her ex’s mother at the door with her two sons. The older woman complained to OP that her keys were not working and asked for a new one.

OP told her that the key was not working because she had changed the lock. Her ex’s mother asked for the key, saying OP had to give her the news anyway. However, OP refused and made it clear that he would not get another key.

OP doubted if she was limiting their access to her children. She even wondered if her decision made things difficult for everyone. After reading his message, the user Holdenwasright commented :

“I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. What a horrible person your ex is. If you don’t mind sharing, why is he so against having a daughter (besides being a disgusting person)? “

User lessthanzero_xo said it was disgusting and added, “I assure you that your sons will not want any contact either when they are old enough to realize what kind of absolute gland their father is.” I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

OP claimed that she fully respects her legal rights and does not limit the access of her ex’s family to her children. However, she decided not to give her husband the key to her house anymore.

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