Warrior: why Tommy typed in the final fight


Let’s break down the final fight in Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior and why there’s a lot more that can be done for Tommy to type rather than pass out to end the scrap.

Gavin O’Connor is well received warrior Once again permeates the entertainment industry after the announcement that the director is launching a television series that will serve as a spiritual successor to the 2011 mixed martial arts film. This is good news for MMA fans who even if it was some kind of niche, loved it to be a Rocky because Tom Hardy’s Tommy had to fight his brother, Brendan (Joel Edgerton), to see who would win the Sparta tournament. Victory eventually went to Brendan, but as he seemed to have passed his brother in the Octagon, Tommy has more to tap than pass out to end the fight.

In warrior, Tommy hated Brendan for leaving him with a drunk dad in Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte). Brendan left to start a family, leaving Tommy to care for their dying mother on top of their father’s abuse. This is why Tommy’s rage led him to decimate everyone in the tournament, as he wanted to earn money to gift the widow of someone he served with in Iraq.

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Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte in Warrior

But in the final fight, Tommy had an injured shoulder, and the dislocation severely damaged his chances. Brendan didn’t want to continue but the fight continued and Tommy suffered a choke. However, it should be noted that only when Brendan told him, “I love you!” Tommy typed, which ties into their turbulent relationship.

All along warrior, Brendan made repeated attempts to mend the barriers, reminding Tommy that he needed his own life and couldn’t be blamed for being a father and a school teacher. Tommy, however, had all these demons to live with, which is why he never offered forgiveness. It was even more bitter that he had to resort to Paddy to train him again, reminding him of everything and everyone he hated. But over time he began to understand Paddy’s anguish and pain of seeing his wife rot, and gradually he began to see what Brendan was fighting for: money to save his own wife and her child from growing indebtedness.

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Granted, Tommy couldn’t give up on his own fundraising as the government severely mistreated his friend’s wife, but he saw that Brendan, like Paddy, was an imperfect man trying to do good in the world. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean either of them had done well with him, but Tommy started to lose his anger and gain empathy by being closer to them. Using Paddy out of necessity gave Tommy the insight he needed, as he could tell that Brendan didn’t want to fail at being a caring, caring provider like their father did.

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in Warrior

That’s why Tommy tapped at the end of warrior, because that was his way of accepting Brendan’s apologies and forgiving him. It is known in the tournament that Tommy doesn’t give up and is someone whose ego would let him vanish faster than giving someone that ultimate pleasure and power over him. But in this case, Tommy remembered what the family stood for, and putting Brendan first was part of the healing process.

He knew it would lead to a court martial with the regiment who were waiting to arrest him for becoming MIA, but despite everything, Tommy didn’t feel like a failure despite not grabbing his purse. After all, there was no price to pay for patching him up with the brother who helped him take care of him growing up. This tap was his way of giving back and creating a path to reconciliation, as he also knew it would hurt Brendan if he ended Tommy by causing him to pass out, which ultimately turned out to be a gesture of mercy for brothers.

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