WA soldiers worried about high number of motorcycle crashes


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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Soldiers in Washington are keeping an extra eye on motorcyclists and drivers this weekend due to more accidents and fatalities.

The state’s Highway Safety Commission has said the high number of fatalities involving motorcyclists is cause for concern. A motorcyclist died Tuesday in the Spokane Valley.

The soldiers hope the additional patrols will prevent accidents and fatalities.

“Every time we hear about a motorcycle falling on the roads, automatically every soldier thinks I’m going to have a fatal accident,” said Jeff Sevigney, Washington state patrol officer.

WSP is concerned about an increase in motorcycle crashes this year, fatal crashes. Sevigney said most of it was the runner’s fault.

“A lot of the crashes we see are from drivers driving above their ability, driving too fast, not negotiating curves properly, or driving or driving while impaired,” said Sevigney.

Mike’s Powersport Supply has seen an increase in the number of new runners. The owner said it was a good thing, although experience is required.

“Oh, we’re probably seeing half a dozen new runners a week, an experience of less than six months,” said store owner Mike Warren. “Get a good education, learn motorcycle skills and really learn to protect yourself. “

Motorcyclists think it’s a two-way street when it comes to protecting each other.

“The inattentive, you know you have cell phones. You have dashes that have really big giant screens with all kinds of entertainment and stuff. And it’s just that the eyes have to be on the road, ”said Michael Calhoun, PGA Allsport motorcyclist.

There are things people can do to make sure everyone stays safe on the road. For riders, wear a helmet and it’s illegal if they don’t.

Sevigney says motorcyclists should also gain as much experience as possible.

“Even if you have a motorcycle approval that you have had for years and become a new vehicle and have not ridden for several years, it doesn’t hurt to sign up for one of our courses. local. »Says Sévigney.

One of the best things that a car or motorcycle driver can do is just stay aware of the surroundings.

“You can find yourself in a rush if you’re not careful,” Sevigney said.

For drivers, Sevigney said to stay in their lane and watch out for riders on two wheels. Paying attention to the road could mean the difference between life and death for a driver and a motorcyclist.

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