US government approves Allegion & Gallagher integrated locks


Allegion US (Allegion plc), a world-renowned provider of security products and solutions, and Gallagher (Gallagher Security), a global security manufacturer, announced that the US government has approved their new electronic access solution.

Schlage AD-302 FIPS 201-2 is integrated with the Gallagher control Center security software platform and is the first electronic lock listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Approved Product List (APL), expanding access to key government customers.

Schlage AD Series Locks

Schlage AD Series locks are adaptable, allowing upgrades to be performed without removing the lock from the door to ensure a seamless transition to new technology in the future. The durable design replaces multiple pieces of equipment with a single system, which is cost effective and requires less time for installation.

The complete solution combines the electrified lock, the ID reader and the access control sensors

The complete solution combines the electrified lock, the ID reader and the access control sensors (door position switch and tamper switch). The electrified lock provides more visibility and control when opening, allowing real-time communication and allowing centralized locking capabilities, if necessary.

Schlage AD-302 FIPS 201-2 Solution

To further simplify accessibility, control, and compliance, the Schlage AD-302 FIPS 201-2 solution is compatible with Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Personal Identity Verification Interoperable (PIV-I) credentials, as well as Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Cards (CAC) credentials and performs certificate validation, at the time of access.

The solution also provides a challenge-response for the CAK certificate, ensuring compliance with Presidential Directive on Homeland Security 12 (HSPD-12) and meets Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201-2).

Allegion – Gallagher Integrated Solution

Since government entities are only allowed to source GSA APL compliant products and services, we are pleased to offer the first electronic lock, through our collaboration with Gallagher,Said Mark Casey, national electronics sales manager at Allegion.

Mark Casey adds: “With agency budgets in mind, the solution provides an economical, FIPS 201-2 compliant all-in-one reader lock to facilitate procurement.

GSA APL Approved Solution Compliant with NIST Standards

The integrated solution has successfully passed extensive government security vulnerability and interoperability testing, based on standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and governing bodies. Schlage AD-302 FIPS 201-2 is now available to all federal agencies for procurement and listed under APL # 10133 on the APL GSA.

We are deeply committed to developing best-in-class security solutions that are optimized for our government customers,Said Scott Elliott, vice president (VP) of the Americas at Gallagher Security.

Scott Elliot adds: “We are the first Physical Access Control System (PACS) vendor to complete this integration with Allegion and achieve GSA APL approval for the FIPS 201-2 approved integrated solution. As we continue our strong partnership with Allegion, we intend to bring additional solutions to market that are secure, unified, and solve the unique and evolving security challenges of our customers.


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