Twitter mocks ‘Disney Adult’ throwing a ‘Toy Story’ birthday party for a dog

Although so-called “Disney adults” have become a hot topic on social media in recent years, passionate adult Disney fans have always existed. Walt Disney said he welcomes visitors of all ages to his park and regularly sees adults without children enjoying Disneyland Park. The Walt Disney Company even addressed the phenomenon with a marketing campaign encouraging “Disney adults” without children to visit the parks in the 1990s.

Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, many so-called “Disney adults” have been the target of relentless harassment, such as a woman who shared a video of herself hugging Pluto for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In progress.

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A proposal at Disneyland Paris also sparked debate when a cast member snatched a ring from the hands of a male guest to drag them out of a stage in front of the Disney park castle. The couple said they had permission to use the scene and The Walt Disney Company apologized. The incident sparked a fierce online debate over theme park proposals, particularly at Disney parks, and reignited the conversation about “Disney adults”.

Exterior of the Plaza Gardens restaurant at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

The latest target of social media harassment is Crystal (@crystaaals_), a woman with just over 2,400 Twitter followers who wanted to share her dog’s story. toy story (1995) themed birthday party with friends and family:

My baby boy turned two yesterday🥹🤍
Two Infinities and Beyond 💫

Among the supportive comments were plenty of insults to Crystal for throwing the Disney party for her pup. From @GabrielNgansi:

Throwing a birthday party for a dog as if it were a human is crazy

Another user took issue with Crystal calling the dog “bb”, an abbreviation of “baby”. @itsurboiray wrote:

What baby? Where is the baby? Surely you can’t refer to the dog as a baby 🤦‍♂️

@amnowfree responded with a confused GIF, saying it was the first time they had seen a pet owner throw a birthday party and it looked like a “waste of money” but “pretty cute”.

I was years old today when I learned that pet owners are now having birthday parties for the dogs Lol you have energy but cool interesting

Hundreds more, however, have been inspired to share photos of their pets’ birthday parties, many with adorable Disney themes! @natalietbh threw her two-year-old son a similar toy story (1995) inspired bash:

Happy birthday to your boy! Mine turned two in June 🥺

@JappaLou was so happy to see other people throwing dog birthday parties because they’re the only ones in their families:

I’m so glad this thread validates dog birthday paws! I feel like everyone in my real life thinks I’m ridiculous for doing this for my dogs!!

What do you think of the toy story and toy story 2 (1999) A dog-themed birthday party?