Tulsa toy stores gear up for Christmas amid supply chain issues

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa toy stores are making sure their shelves are stocked ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

It’s a growing problem across the country, as supply chain issues have made it difficult to obtain inventory.

At the Tulsa Toy Depot in South Tulsa, store owner Ryan McAdams says they have more inventory than they’ve ever had in the store because he started ordering for Christmas around July.

Kiddlestix owner Jana Doyle says they did the same at the toy store downtown.

Doyle says they decided to order earlier than usual due to shipping delays. Not only did they order early, but they also ordered a larger quantity to ensure they could be stocked.

“We decided to order earlier than usual due to all the shipping delays,” Doyle said.

She says they’ve already seen several early Christmas shoppers, including some who say they’re concerned about making sure they can get the gifts their children want.

“I think we’re going to see it for a while,” Doyle says. “We’re not concerned about our inventory for Christmas, but we’re a little concerned about the store restocking in January, so I don’t think that’s going to be resolved anytime soon.”

McAdams says while they’re ready, supply chain issues across the country are significant.

“There’s not a single point in the supply chain that doesn’t have a problem somewhere,” McAdams says.

McAdams says some toymakers don’t have enough items to ship due to factories closing due to the pandemic or labor shortages. McAdams says that of the 200 vendors they normally carry into the Tulsa Toy Depot, some of them have chosen not to ship to the United States as often because it’s too expensive. The store owner went on to say that even when inventory finally goes through the postal service, shipping issues cause slowdowns.

“A little stop here and there, this huge problem we’ve had in a year, it’s going to take some time to unfold and get better on the road. It’s not going to happen overnight,” McAdams says.

Small business owners hope shoppers will be patient with their employees this holiday season and keep some alternatives in mind if you can’t find the exact gift you want.

“If that individual item or that company won’t be in the store this year, we can at least show you something as good or maybe even better, that’s another option,” McAdams said.

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