Toy shop slammed for selling £50 Nazi Halloween costume as shop owner refuses to remove stock

A toy store has been criticized for selling a Nazi Halloween costume.

But the children’s store owner refused to take down the Gestapo presentation, saying, “Where do you draw the line because someone, somewhere will always be offended?”


The suit has been criticized as ‘unthoughtful’
Kids Korner in Herne Bay, Kent, is selling the outfit


Kids Korner in Herne Bay, Kent, is selling the outfitCredit: Google Maps

The tasteless costume was spotted on sale at Kids Korner in Herne Bay, Kent, reports KentOnline.

Owner Melvin Smedley told the website he couldn’t afford to give up the stock – but once it ran out he wouldn’t order it again.

The suit, which costs £52.99, is advertised as a “Gestapo Officer” outfit.

It includes a black belt, boots, shirt, pants, and a hat with a red armband.

The Gestapo, or Geheime Staatspolizei, was Nazi Germany’s official secret police.

The rogue group was created by the evil war criminal Hermann Göring and later led by Heinrich Himmler.

They terrorized Jews during World War II, hunting them down to concentration camps and committing horrific atrocities against their community.

They also targeted black people, the Roma community, gay people and the disabled.

A member of the local Jewish community in Kent explained that inappropriate dress should never be seen as “a bit of fun”.

He told KentOnline: “Seeing a Gestapo uniform in public would certainly be offensive but also very upsetting to many, whether Jewish or not.”

Calling the sale of the costume uniform “reckless and potentially harmful”, he said anyone selling it should carefully weigh the consequences.

Toy shop owner Mr Smedley insisted he was not ‘racist or sexist’, adding: ‘It’s clearly upset a specific part of the community, but I am a very approachable person and will speak directly to anyone and listen to their perspective.”

However, he added that history cannot be erased and that the suit could be used “from a historical perspective”.

Toy store owner refused to remove outfit from shelves


Toy store owner refused to remove outfit from shelvesCredit: Google Maps