TOY FAIR PREVIEW I Cepia LLC’s Dogs vs. Squirrels come out to play – ToyNews

Cepia LLC will be at the London Toy Fair next week, showcasing the latest products from its portfolio of iconic ‘in real life’ (IRL) character matching brands, which are central to the company’s ‘Versus World’ concept.

Visitors can expect more from the world of Cats vs Pickles (CvP), in which cats are afraid of pickles, but pickles just want to be friends. And get ready for the all new Dogs vs Squirls universe, in which silly dog ​​characters defend their property against mischievous Squirls… Each property is supported by short animated content to stream on YouTube, streaming and social networks social.

As Cats vs Pickles enters its second year, the brand continues to win the hearts of collectors, with its messages of love and friendship resonating with fans on social media. The soft, bean-filled CvP plushes are now available in over 365 designs, giving collectors a wealth of characters to hunt and trade.

At the heart of the excitement this year is the addition of reversibles. Perfect for fans who have trouble picking a side, the 6-inch reversibles offer the best of both worlds. Taking inspiration from the reversible trend, these two-in-one collectible plushies can be flipped from Cat to Pickle by flipping them.

Meanwhile, CvP Chonks 6-inch collectible plush brings the fun of the original plush to a bigger, chunkier scale. Two inches taller and a little plumper, these adorable Chonks come in a dynamic choice of styles; they are available in an open assortment or in mystery bags. These lines will be added to a growing range of 8-inch Jumbos and Blind Bag Singles – don’t miss the all-new Gold Wave coming in Q3. Plus, there are other customizable and stackable Kitty Condo Habitat playsets for kids to build their own town of kittens, complete with exclusive CvP beans and even mini foods.

AW22 will see the launch of Dogs vs. Squirls. Puppies have their own personality traits and issues, but their main job is to protect their home from intruders. Meet the squirrels – they may look innocent with their cute fluffy tails, but don’t let that fool you! These mischievous marauders wreak havoc wherever they go. And their only mission in life is to destroy the houses that the dogs are trying to defend. Kids will love the Mystery Bags which each contain a character filled with beans; there are a variety of different characters, as well as sizes to collect: 4 inch beans, 6 inch pieces and 8 inch jumbos.

Finally, make sure you don’t miss the wild world of Pop Art Soft with fantastic elephants in vibrant pop art designs and super soft plushies.

Cepia LLC will be at Top Level 110 at the London Toy Fair, Olympia, January 25-27. For more information, contact