TikTok Lamb Chop dog toy is just $5 on Amazon

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Without being dramatic, your dog can’t live without an overflowing basket of toys, which means there’s always room for one more, right? Here’s your sign to spoil your pup with an adorable plush toy that pet parents can’t help but rave about on the internet.

Get the Multipet Lamb Chop plush dog toy while it’s on sale for as low as $5 on Amazon and $12 on Chewy for the jumbo version. The plush toy is a huge hit among different breeds and sizes of dogs and is inspired by a TV show called Lamb Chop Play-Along aired on PBS in the early 90s.

It comes in mini, regular, and jumbo sizes, and several owners have admitted to buying multiples of each because plush toys don’t last forever. But don’t worry, the stuffed animal is made of non-toxic material and even has a squeaker inside to further entertain your pup.

The toy gained popularity last year on TikTok last year when owners and dogs started showing off their Lamb Chop collections. The cute videos speak for themselves and show how much the dogs love their “Lamby”.

Buy it! Multipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy, $5 (origin $14.75); amazon.com

It also has over 27,000 perfect ratings on Amazon from shoppers who say it’s the “best dog toy ever.” A five-star reviewer swears “this toy is magic” and said “it seems to be every dog’s favorite toy on the planet.” More than 3,500 reviewers on Chewy agree “dogs love them” too.

Remember when we said one more toy never hurts? Well, we might have meant to say that you need more than one, because according to reviews, the Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy is likely to be your pup’s new favorite toy.

Buy it! Multipet Jumbo Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy, $11.91 (original $25.89); chewy.com