This is how a dog saves his stuffed animal from a hostage situation. Watch | Tendency

A video involving a hostage-taking and rescue operation has been posted on Instagram.

Have you ever had a dog as a pet? If so, you may have been playing brain games with your pet to keep him occupied while entertaining him. Just like this video where a woman stages a hostage situation for her dog, and how this golden retriever rescues her toy is winning hearts online.

“Holding my dog’s favorite toy hostage,” read the caption of the video posted on the dog’s Instagram page. The video opens to show the woman taping her pet’s favorite toy to the floor. She then waits for her dog Charlie to figure out the hostage situation. Soon, the dog launched a rescue operation to save his dear friend. What follows next are Doggo’s efforts to save his friend without hurting him. At the end, the dog is seen wagging its tail to express its happiness and pride.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted a few weeks ago on Instagram and has since garnered 3.41 lakh views and over 27,000 likes. The sharing prompted several comments.

“Oh my god! How could they??? So glad you freed your friend, you’re a hero, Charlie! Love your buddy Georgia and your friend, Charlie,” read a comment from one account. doggo. “Omg, this is the best!” posted another with heart emoticons. “Great stop, mum has been charged for the crime,” jokes a third.

What do you think of this video? How to mentally stimulate your dog?