The Zero Motorcycles FXE is an electrifying new commuter bike for urban riders


Zero Motorcycles has launched a sleek new electric bike in its fleet aimed directly at those in the fast city motorcycle market.

Zero FXE (4)

While the SR / S shrouded in the two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers’ fairing leads the Zero fleet in performance with 140 pound-feet of torque and a sprint time of 1.6 seconds at 60 mph, enough style and speed to catch the attention of famous customizer Deus. Ex Machina — the new Zero FXE sits at the more affordable and convenient end of the spectrum.

Originally born out of a collaborative concept with HUGE Design of San Francisco, its shape differs from Zero’s previous FX and FXS dual-sport mountain bikes with the most panels of the three and what the company describes as putting the ’emphasis on’ ergonomic touchpoints’.

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However, the basic FX platform is unchanged. A brushless motor produces 46 hp and 78 pound-feet of torque with the power of a stealth coated 7.3 kWh lithium-ion battery.

No acceleration stats were provided, but with a feathery 298-pound curb weight and a single gear that these torques are instantly spread over, the FXE will surely have a bit of a zip.

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The city’s maximum range is 100 miles, but the limitations of BEV technology mean the figure drops to 60 miles at 55 mph and 40 miles at 70 mph. It is best to stay away from the top speed of 85 mph for an extended period.

Electric vehicles lend themselves to in-vehicle technology, and the FXE gets a lot for its price, including LED front and rear lights, a five-inch TFT display, Bosch ABS, and Showa suspension with adjustable preload, compression, and damping.

Zero FXE (3)

The Zero’s Cypher II operating system displays data and connects via Bluetooth to the Zero Motorcycles app, allowing customization of torque, top speed and other performance characteristics in ride modes, as well as fine-tune battery management features, among other parameters.

While Zero has been offering models on the market for over 10 years, relatively few licensed motorcyclists have ever settled on an electric bicycle.

Zero FXE (2)

The good news is that the FXE will join the Zero Feet on a 20-stop nationwide demo tour with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show—check the dates here.

At the price of $ 11,795, the Zero FXE is available to order now before shipments begin in July.

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