‘The Toy Scout’ comes to SWFL and wants to value your toys from the 80s and beyond


Rare and vintage toys are on display right now. Hundreds of valuable collectibles are up for grabs over the next few days at shows across Southwest Florida.

You know the expression; “The misfortune of some is the happiness of others.” Is there a treasure in your house that you don’t even know you have?

American Toy Scout owner Joel Magee was featured on the reality show Star pawns and travels the country as a toy expert. He said, “We’re looking for everyone to clean out their attics and closets and find all those old toys and stuff that’s been hiding for all these years.”

And these vintage toys might be worth more than you think. One Hot Wheels car in particular may not seem like much to some, but Joel Magee said he was offered $100,000 for it.

“It’s invaluable to me right now,” Magee said, “but yeah, it’s just one of those effects. If you look on the internet, there’s probably 20 search pages on Google alone on this car. So it’s a pretty famous car.

Magee is in southwest Florida this week helping people put a price tag on their old toys — first stop, Naples.

Toy enthusiast Graham Mold said: “We decided to put some stuff in a bag and come over here and see if we’re millionaires or not.”

A watch sold for $50 and a silver coin brought in by Mold sold for $20 and he said it was just gathering dust for years. “It was [in a drawer] for God knows how many years. You know, let’s have a drink or something.

Magee said that America’s Toy Scout is looking for items from the 80s or older, “Anything, like I say, pull it out and I’d love to go through it and see what kind of goodies we have. “

And you never know, it could be worth a lot of money.

And that $100,000 vintage Hot Wheels Camero car, you too can see it for yourself at one of the local events.

  • monday 14 februarySpringhill Suites, 3798 White Lake Blvd., Naples
  • tuesday 15 februaryTownplace Suites Marriott, 23161 Via Coconut Point, Estero
  • Wednesday February 16Fairfield Inn, 7090 Cypress Terrace, Fort Myers

The show runs daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission and parking for the show are free.

They even offer no-contact curbside meetups by calling (561) 628-1990.

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