The best sustainable sex toy deals to celebrate and save this Earth Day

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There are lots of reasons why sex toys are great, but unfortunately their environmental impact isn’t really one of them.

Sustainable buying practices, like buying refurbished technology or finding products you can use for life, don’t apply seamlessly to sex toys. But that doesn’t mean you have a choice between the environment and your vibrator.


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For one, many brands are ditching hard plastics and battery-operated toys for rechargeable silicone models with a longer lifespan (nightstand?). And while you definitely want to be wary of any toy brand that advertises itself as easily recyclable (more on that here), there are plenty of glass and metal toys out there that are completely safe to use. and will not sit in a landfill until the end of time.

Of course, there’s really nothing more durable or affordable than using your hand, but if you want to add a toy or two into the mix, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals on eco-friendly sex toys – check out some of our favorite finds below.

Love Not War takes sustainability seriously, from the production line to the vibrator that ends up in your hands. In their factory powered by green energy, Love Not War manufactures vibrators from a recycled aluminum base and a silicone head. The storage bag that contains the vibe is made from recycled bamboo fabric and the recyclable box it is sent in does not contain single-use plastic. Moreover, these vibrators have different modes, intensities, flexibility and come with travel locks. They’re not cheaply made and their prices reflect that, but Good Vibrations and Babeland are taking 20% ​​off the entire toy line.

Credit: Love Not War

Last year, Womanizer gave its popular Premium clitoral suction toy a green upgrade. You’ll get the same 12 intensity levels, quiet Pleasure Air technology Womanizer is known for, and splash-proof fun as you would with the original, but lose some of the plastic used in the production process.

Womanzier also chose to manufacture the Eco with Biolene, a biodegradable alternative to plastic. While this toy is definitely a step in the right direction, it’s worth noting that you probably don’t want to just throw it in the recycling bin when all is said and done – to have a chance of it being properly recycled, you you must return it to a specialized recycling centre. Fortunately, the Womanizer is designed to last.

front and back of premium eco womanizer

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Speaking of toys that are built to last, let’s get to know the glass dildo. We understand if the idea of ​​putting glass inside you gives you less sexy and scarier mental images, but let us assure you that glass dildos are tough.

This pick from Unbound, Gem, is made with borosilicate glass, which means it’s very durable and won’t crack with extreme temperature changes (so be sure to have a great time with the temperature play ). The two textures on its double end keep things interesting, making the manual labor required to use it worth it. One reviewer said incorporating the gem into their alone time was “an incredible, life-changing nut break”. If you’re looking for a slightly different texture, Unbound’s other glass dildo, Stellar, is also on sale this weekend. Both are 15% off, both can last a lifetime, and both are nice and easily recyclable.

gem and stellar glass dildos lying on a box on a pink background

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Glass isn’t the only mono-material toy that has a lot to offer. Metal dildos offer the same fun potential temperature play and with a little extra weight, which you really don’t want to hit if you haven’t tried.

A particularly proven choice is the Njoy Pure Wand. Don’t let the simplicity of this steel arch fool you. It brings a pound and a half of weight and dual ends (which measure 1 inch and 1.5 inches respectively) that feel truly unique whether you opt for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. is never a bad idea with toys that get inside you, but the smooth steel of this toy makes insertion as smooth as possible, so you probably won’t need a ton . When you’re done, cleanup is more than easy, and if for any reason you want to say goodbye to this toy, it can be recycled with no problem.

njoy pure wand and its case

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Be the loser, we become ethically perverse. Whether you’re into BDSM or just looking to incorporate new sensations into your sex life, floggers are a great way to add some spice. Maybe at first glance it doesn’t look like the most durable toy out there. But this Cherry Bombin Wear rubber whip is vegan and handmade, and especially eco-friendly thanks to the wooden handle made from tree branch trimmings.

Its 28 tails can provide light to intense sensations, depending on your preferences and those of your partner. It’s versatile, it’s recycled, it’s on sale – what more could you want from a sex toy on Earth Day?

whisk with wooden handle

Credit: Cherry Bombin Wear

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