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Which Playmobil toys under $30 are the best?

Playmobil playsets have been entertaining kids of all ages since 1974. Interactive toys are easy to build and even easier to love because they’re brightly colored, creative and durable. Whether they love dinosaurs, princesses or sports, there’s a Playmobil toy for every child.

Unlike many other interactive toys, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a set. Playmobil has several sets under $30 that will keep kids engaged. If you’re looking to have fun on the go, the Playmobil Police Station playset is a great choice.

What to know before buying a Playmobil toy under $30


Playmobil toys are interactive toys, which means the focus is on playing and creating stories with the existing set. They don’t build toys, although some sets allow children to remove parts and move them around. This means less assembly time and no instructions to follow.


Each Playmobil toy is part of a larger theme, like city life or a stunt show. There can be anywhere from half a dozen to dozens of toys that make up each theme. You can buy multiple toys in the same theme to extend your kids’ playtime (like a police station and a police motorcycle), but families don’t need to have the whole theme. Your child can enjoy each Playmobil toy alone.


Playmobil toys and themes are regularly retired and replaced with new products. So if there’s a theme your child particularly likes, it’s worth picking up a few sets while they’re available for less than $30. Retired sets can cost significantly more than the original retail price on the secondary market (such as eBay and other resellers).

small parts

Playmobil toys have small parts by nature since they are designed for children. However, sets with fewer small parts hold up better in the long run. A child can easily lose small parts, break them with rough play, or potentially choke on them. Having less helps ensure that your child’s set stays complete for a long time.

What to Look for in a Quality Playmobil Toy Under $30


Playmobil toys have a variable number of parts. Some have as little as two or three characters. You should choose a Playmobil toy that has at least one figure and enough accessories or options that your child has plenty of pieces to play with and imagine.

Replay Value

Some Playmobil toys have more replay value than others. Look for a set that your child can enjoy for a long time. Are there multiple digits? Do figures come with their own vehicle or vehicles? Does the toy have any special features, such as a backdrop to play with or an interactive accessory?

How much you can expect to spend on a Playmobil toy

All of the Playmobil toy sets on this list are under $30. Many sets are available for less than $20.

Playmobil Toys FAQ

Is Playmobil the same as LEGO?

A. Playmobil and LEGO are different brands. Playmobil toy sets don’t have building bricks like LEGO products, so they generally require less building time before kids can play with them. They also tend to be cheaper than LEGO sets. However, the two share similar themes, such as city scenes, firefighters, and Scooby-Doo.

Is Playmobil only for young children?

A. Children of all ages can enjoy Playmobil. The sets will appeal to young and old alike due to the wide variety of themes. Parents of children under 5 should exercise caution as some Playmobil toys come with small parts that could be dangerous for very young children.

What’s the best Playmobil toy under $30 to buy?

Best Playmobil Toy Under $30

Playmobil Police Station Box

What do you want to know: This Playmobil toy is a great starter set or addition to a child’s collection due to its wide variety of options.

What you will love: The set has everything a child could ask for, including multiple minifigures, a police station backdrop with moving parts and fun accessories including handcuffs and a stop sign for the cop to grab the mean one. It is a stand-alone Playmobil toy where all the parts can be stored inside the set, which you can transport.

What you should consider: Since it’s a stand-alone set, this under $30 Playmobil toy doesn’t have any vehicles. To properly set up the police station, you must open the toy on a table or other flat surface, so it’s not ideal for kids who like to play in the car.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Best Playmobil Toy Under $30 For The Money

Playmobil Stunt Show Motocross With Wall of Fire

Playmobil Stunt Show Motocross With Wall of Fire

What do you want to know: This creative Playmobil toy is great fun with a stunt setup that will delight kids of all ages.

What you will love: The set tells a full story as it comes with a motorbike, the rider and a flaming wall kids can pretend to ride the motorbike or jump over. Children can take the motorcycle in the car for long trips and come up with their own ideas beyond what is presented in the set. It’s not only a versatile set, but at just over $15, it offers a lot of replay value for little money.

What you should consider: This set has only one figure and no other accessories beyond the wall of fire.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Playmobil NHL Locker Room Game Box

Playmobil NHL Locker Room Game Box

What do you want to know: This officially licensed Playmobil toy appeals to sports fans of all ages as it comes with everything kids need to pretend they’re in the thick of the NHL action.

What you will love: This is an incredibly comprehensive set with attention to detail. It not only features an NHL player and coach, but also a fun backdrop featuring a whiteboard with drawn games and a Playmobil hockey stick holder. You can wrap the whole toy inside itself for easy cleaning.

What you should consider: Although officially licensed by the NHL, the set only has generic league logos. Hockey fans who want to play with their favorite team will need to purchase additional figures separately.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

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