Tesla’s $ 25,000 electric car turned into a Model Q sports sedan – dope or not?


Tesla is offering its electric car for $ 25,000, but we still don’t know exactly what it will look like or even what it will be called.

Now it was rendered as a sporty hatchback of the Q model. Dope or not?

We could get a rough idea of ​​what the car would look like.

The $ 25,000 Tesla electric car, often referred to as “Tesla Model 2,” has been compared to a new electric sedan that Tesla planned to produce at the Shanghai Gigafactory in China and export around the world.

Last year, Tesla announced plans to establish a new R&D center in China to build a “Chinese-style” electric car.

Tesla began receiving design submissions for its Chinese-made small electric car last summer and began hiring for the program soon after.

At the time, the automaker also released this first design drawing of a small electric sedan. This has led many to believe that this was the design direction and form factor Tesla was looking for in the next electric vehicle:

As you can see, we are talking about a very rough design drawing, and therefore the actual design is still pending.

Using Tesla’s current design language found in Model 3 and Model Y, German CarForce247 came up with an interesting take on the possible design of Tesla’s $ 25,000 electric car, which they called the Model Q:

What do you think of this possible design for the next $ 25,000 Tesla car?


Personally, I like it. Like the Model S in a wagon, I think the design of the Model 3 would translate well into a hatchback.

However, I am not sure about the suicide doors. I think they look good, but they are really impractical.

Although the $ 25,000 Tesla Model is smaller than the Model 3, I think it will still be big enough for four regular doors.

Either way, we should find out soon, as Elon Musk recently said that Tesla plans to bring the new electric car to market by 2023.

There are still two years to go, but Tesla typically unveils its first prototype a year or two before production begins.

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