Tesla updates Model X with new, darker wheels


Tesla has updated the standard wheel set available for the Model X with new, darker wheels.

But don’t hold your breath to get the electric SUV anytime soon.

When Tesla unveiled the new Model S in January, the automaker also unveiled the new Model X, but the SUV is getting less attention.

There are several reasons for this.

Mainly because Tesla has focused production on the new Model S and to our knowledge has yet to deliver a new Model X.

In addition, the older Model S was more in need of a refresh than the newer Model X, launched in 2015.

But there is a brand new Model X coming in the next few months.

Now we learn that Tesla has updated the electric SUV online configurator to include new Model X standard wheels (hats off to Michael Potuck):

Since the January update, Tesla has introduced new 20-inch Cyberstream wheels as standard wheels for the Model X.

But at first these Cyberstream wheels were a lighter color:

From a preview of the Wayback machine, it looks like the change happened between August 3 and 11.

However, that shouldn’t make much of a difference as Tesla hasn’t delivered any Model Xs during this time, to our knowledge.

Tesla has guided the first deliveries of new X Models this quarter, but the automaker has experienced many delays lately.

The auto maker would be affected by the chip shortage like the rest of the auto industry.

People who placed Model X orders earlier this year continued to see their delivery times pushed back later this year.

For new orders, Tesla is now guiding deliveries from March to April 2022 for the Model X Long Range and similarly for the Model X Plaid.

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