Surge Licensing signs TOMY as Global Lead Toy Partner for “A Little SPOT”

Surge Permitan entertainment IP development company that transforms brands into cross-platform product licensing and entertainment programs, has signed TOMY– a global market leader in innovative preschool toys – as a primary global partner for toys for by Diane Alber A small place book series, a market leader in social-emotional learning content that parents, teachers and children crave for compelling characters and experiences.

Initially, TOMY will develop a wide range of SEL-focused branded products, including plush toys, with and without additional features and technology, and plastic figures. TOMY will also distribute A small place delivers more plush boxes, to brick-and-mortar chains around the world. The new products will be available online and direct to consumer in the first half of 2023, followed by physical stores later that year.

Diane Alber designs her books and products as solutions to problems expressed by parents and teachers. His A small place The book series – featuring the brightly colored, stick-legged sphere Little SPOT – was originally developed to help children visualize their emotions, as characters, so that it is easier to relate to them. manage, and has evolved to address topics such as kindness, empathy, honesty, diversity, inclusion and reading. The Little Box of Emotion, designed for ages 4-11, ranks #1 in school development counseling and #1 in movement for kids; A Little Box Takes Action Book Set ranks #1 in reviews and children’s collections; and A Little SPOT of Emotion Plush Toys with Feelings Book Box Set ranks No. 2 in School Development Tips and was a top 100 book sold on Amazon with a toy. Two educational guides and a parent guide are also available for A small place series. Alber’s books all come with sticker sheets, and additional sticker books, coloring books, and sketchbooks have been created for many titles.

“Diane has created a huge body of work that is engaging for parents, their children, and teachers, carefully crafted to not only make teaching SEL fun, but learning it as well,” commented Elan Freedman, Executive Vice President of Surge Licensing. “TOMY is the ideal partner and platform for Diane to design new experiences that allow children to explore and understand their emotions, to become better humans and to learn to communicate effectively.

“The stressors associated with the pandemic and world events have only increased the need for social-emotional learning tools to teach children how to manage their feelings in healthy ways,” added Alber. “I’m thrilled that TOMY is our global partner to create new toys for Little SPOT that will help kids and families prepare for the challenges of the world.”

“Infant and Preschool is firmly rooted in TOMY’s historic DNA, and we have deep expertise in successfully launching preschool brands,” said Morgan Weyl, Managing Director of Licensing and Global Development at TOMY International. “We will bring Diane’s hugely inspiring and beloved series to life in toys that can help children practice effective communication in a fun and natural way. TOMY’s mission is to make the world smile, so to help children learning to express ourselves through play with the Little SPOT brand is perfectly aligned with the happy and healthy development we fully embrace in our daily work.