Super rare Boba Fett rocket launcher toy sells for £120,000

An incredibly rare Star Wars action toy is set to sell for a whopping £120,000. The plastic figurine of a Boba Fett rocket-launching bounty hunter was produced as a prototype by the manufacturer Kenner in 1979.

The 3.75-inch figure was one of approximately 100 made for safety testing before it could be sold to the public. The tests revolved around the red plastic missile firing mechanism from Boba Fett’s backpack.

As a result of testing, it was decided that only “non-firing” figures with sealed missiles should be mass-produced for the public, as the original design was found to be a potential choking hazard for children. Only about 25 prototypes exist today.

The unpainted figure was made in Hong Kong before the release of the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back, in which Boba Fett first appeared. Since then, her character has become cult, mostly due to her cool outfit and jet-powered backpack that allowed her to fly.

The prototype of the Boba Fett action figure

A spokesperson for Hake’s Auctions of York, Pennsylvania, USA, said: “Boba Fett prototype rocket-firing action figures have enjoyed an upward trajectory in both demand and value during our recent auctions.”

Explaining the rarity of the prototype Boba Fett figures, Mr. Winter added: “The toy has been removed from the production line after it was deemed a possible danger to the safety of children, thus making the Boba Fett figure extremely rare and coveted in the world of collectors. all were to be destroyed, but some employees took them home. It is possible that a hundred of them left the factory and only a handful ever made it to market.

The timed auction ends today.