Student locks suspected thief inside Mercedes A45


Video footage shows the moment a woman managed to lock up a man who allegedly tried to steal her Mercedes Benz inside the vehicle, as she alerted the police and awaited their arrival.

The woman peeked out the window around 9 p.m. on Wednesday September 29 and was shocked to see a stranger inside his Mercedes A45 – his face lit by the interior lights.

Thinking quickly, the nursing student managed to retrieve her keys and lock the car, in turn locking her inside until the police arrived.

The student, from Buckhaven to Fife, continued to lock the luxury car – which costs up to £ 57,000 – every time he tried to get out, and eventually the guy gave up, apparently accepting his fate as he stood still.

Credit: Deadline News

Several police officers then arrived at the scene and were seen handcuffing the man.

The owner said she only something was in place when his dogs started barking, after hearing the man outside.

She filmed from inside her home as the man rummaged in the glove compartment and tried the ignition button, as the lights repeatedly turned on and off.

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

She shared the videos on Facebook the next day, urging others to be “careful”.

She wrote: “Some guy just tried to steal my Mercedes A45, keep an eye out.

“At 9pm tonight, I heard a strange male voice outside my house and a car door close.

“Next thing you know, my dogs went crazy, barking constantly. I looked all over my drive to find a random guy in my car trying to start it and steal it.

“I immediately went to phone 999 for the police and continued to lock him in my car every time he tried to get out, about 100 times.

Luckily the police came quickly and arrested him because I was so shaken I am only 21 years old and I live alone.

“It was in the Buckhaven area. Please be careful, feel free to share.”

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

His post has since has racked up hundreds of likes and shares on social media, many people have commented on how shocked they were at this brazen act.

One person wrote: “Omg this is so bad. I’m glad you’re okay and he’s been caught.”

Someone else said: “I’m so sorry that this is happening to you! I hope you are doing well, this is scary.”

A third commented: “Omg what a scum of a guy. Well, you continued to lock him up and luckily the police arrived on time! I hope you are well.”

A fourth added: “How scared you must have been. It’s scary, I’m glad you’re okay and they’ve been caught.”

LADbible has contacted Scottish Police for comment.


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