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SDCC 2022 Hasbro Lucasfilm: Star Wars and Indiana Jones Toy News

Technically, Hasbro star wars team is actually their Lucasfilm team. It’s just that Lucasfilm hasn’t had anything else for them in a while. But that’s about to change with a line of Indiana Jones toys, the first figures of which are set to be seen at Pulse Con, starting September 6. Rest assured, the current team knows exactly what fans thought of the last go-around, in which some excellent miniatures were marred in production by sloppy paintwork and some awkward proportions.

Moreover the cursed temple the numbers proved difficult to come by at the very end. On this point, Patrick Schneider, marketing director of the brand, simply smiled at us, saying: “Fortune and glory! So that looks like a positive sign.

Star Wars, whose prices are rising faster than many other action figure lines, will continue to see many repurposed parts in lines such as Gaming Greats and Credit Collection. But the stand’s most eye-catching figurines were also repainted: two special Halloween figurines. A Clonetrooper painted as a green skeleton comes with a Porg zombie and candy crate. Target will exclusively stock this one. Walmart is getting a Wookiee Werewolf, complete with wolf ears, Halloween Lothcat, and a pumpkin-painted Camtono.

As for the winter holiday numbers, if you think you saw any footage of a second wave online last year, let’s just say Hasbro won’t talk about it. For them, only one wave came out. No one missed a second purchase that never reached the stores. Halloween figurines should be easier to find. “The winter break numbers, they came out in smaller quantities, there was a lot of demand, and so we could definitely see that increase for those numbers,” says Schnieder. “It’s always our goal to make sure every fan who wants one in their hands has one.”

Schneider calls it a “punch” that the Rancor didn’t meet Haslab’s funding goal, but, “We’re not going to make excuses.” He recalled when the Sail Barge was funded three days before the deadline, the whole office cheered. And they are excited about the future of HasLab projects for star wars. They’re also not necessarily done with Rancor toys, especially after Boba Fett’s Book. Schneider calls him “a great character”.

At one point, Hasbro ruled out vacuum metallic chrome effects on figures, but that’s coming back. A new retro-style multipack includes a Threepio figure resembling the original 70s version. Could we see this on modern Threepio figures now too? At one point, the answer was an emphatic no. But now Chris Reiff, design director, says: “It’s not out of the question. We explore it.

The Rise of Skywalker the toys seemed to be falling off quickly, but Schneider assures us that they “have a huge and important place in the range. Obviously The Rise of Skywalker came out at the same time mandalorianwhich was fantastic too, and then we got Mando season 2, Boba Fett’s BookMando season 3…Disney+ blew up, so I think we focused on that, but Ep IX is definitely somewhere we could hunt in the future.

He adds that a photorealistic deco by Adam Driver would be great for lining up one day.

Why are some numbers now over $30? Reiff says “We try to be fair.” Boba Fett is a good example of “how expensive a figurine can be”, due to deco and assembly. Schneider adds: “Deluxe doesn’t just mean big. Luxury is the decoration, or flexible products, the size, everything that raises the quality of the silhouette.

They learned from the goofy hood on the recent Tatooine Boba Fett, and say the hood on the new mandalorian Jedi Luke should sit better.

Take a look at some photos of the stand in the gallery below. So let us know what you’d like to see in the comments.

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