Stacey Solomon left red-faced after accidentally Googling adult sex toy

STACEY Solomon was left red-faced after getting more than she bargained for when she searched for adult swings online.

The 32-year-old had shared a video of her two-year-old son Rex sitting in an indoor swing while she was on call at work.


Stacey Solomon couldn’t believe what she sawCredit: Instagram
The 32-year-old son has an indoor swing


The 32-year-old son has an indoor swingCredit: Instagram

Stacey said she was jealous – and ended up turning to Google to see if it was available in adult sizes.

But she was stunned when she accidentally came across swings for sex pleasure – and claimed to have ‘no idea’ they existed.

A follower had attempted to warn Stacey, saying, “They do adult swings on some Stacey adult websites.”

Shocked Stacey then shared a video of her reaction, telling fans, “I really wish I hadn’t Googled this. I never realized it was a thing.”

She then added: “Sometimes I worry I’m the most boring person ever, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than tossing around.

Stacey has stepped up her Pickle Cottage transformation in recent weeks after showing fans Joe’s cave room and Rex’s dinosaur-themed bathroom.

The Tap to Tidy author is known for her hands-on home makeovers, seeming to be happiest when she has a pressure washer in her hands.

Fans were gobsmacked when she transformed her ‘swampy’ garden benches into gleaming wooden garden seats last year.

And it’s no surprise that she’s best friends with Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs. Hinch, who made a career out of her love of cleaning.

The Essex-based cleaning guru, 31, has single-handedly made cleaning fun again and has over 4 million Instagram followers.

Her meteoric rise to fame began in March 2018, when she decided to chart her cleaning obsession on Instagram.

Last year, she cleaned house while earning megabucks from her best-selling books, TV work and profitable social media listings for home care products.