SH Figuarts Lightyear Buzz and more

No Way Home Electro from Hot Toys, Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic World Hammond Collection from Mattel and SH Figuarts Lightyear Buzz Lightyear from Bandai.

Picture: Hot Toys, Mattel and Bandai

Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the latest cool toys on the internet. This week: Buzz gets the toys Andy dreamed of for Light year, jurassic world conjures up the mother of all T-Rex toys, and Hot Toys gets shocking for a new Spider-Man: No Coming Home figure. Check it out!

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Picture: Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Light year Buzz Lightyear and Chogokin XL-15 spacecraft

Pixar Light year promises to bring more depth and story to one of the company’s most popular characters. For collectors looking to add a new and improved Buzz Lightyear figure to their collections with more detail than what you’ll find on toy store shelves now, Tamashii Nations is the bringing exactly that to his SH Figuarts line, with a Buzz figure that features interchangeable head sculpts, alternate arms, blaster, laser sword and a jetpack that can even be upgraded with wings. The figure will be joined by a nearly 10-inch-long die-cast version of Lightyear’s XL-15 spacecraft with working retractable landing gear, gorgeous paint job, and matching scale figures of Buzz and Zerg. Price and availability TBA.

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Mattel jurassic world Hammond Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure

Of course, it will be fun to see Sam Neill’s Alan Grant and Laura Dern’s Ellie Sattler in a Jurassic movie again, but most of us will be buying our tickets to see the dinos, including the real star of the franchise, the TRex from the original film, who is hopefully back in action. If not, this new addition to Mattel’s detailed Hammond collection numbers is a great consolation prizee. For $50, the 24-inch-long figure doesn’t include any human characters from the movies, but makes up for it with 14 points of articulation that include a movable tongue and jaw tendons that stretch when he opens his mouth. Target had it temporarily available for pre-orderalthough a precise shipping date is not yet known.

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hot toys Spider-Man: No Coming Home 1/6 scale electro action figure

Hot Toys slowly but surely weaves its way through the villains of the latest Spider Man film with a new version of Jamie Foxx’s electro. The 1:6 toy comes with all the usual matching hands to pose, and of course, worthy of Electro, a bright yellow lightning effects metric button to pose on his hands and chest, the latter including a light-effect on his chest armor to help add to the electric effect. Coolest of all though? The star-shaped piece of electricity you can attach to Electro’s face, evoking the villain’s classic comic book costume. Electro will retail for around $285 and is slated for release in late 2023.[[[[hot toys]

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Hasbro Transformers Generations chooses Voyager Cyclonus and Nightstick

Even though Starscream was a fan favorite among the Decepticons, he was also a bit of a loose cannon with an itchy finger and an even stronger itch to usurp Megatron. As second-in-command, Cyclonus (first introduced in The Transformers: The Movie as a creation of Unicron) was stronger, smarter, and more loyal to Galvatron, and even transformed into a slightly cooler space jet. The Hasbro Transformers Generations Selects Voyager Cyclonus figure converts from robot mode to space jet mode in 33 steps, and includes a Nightstick figure that converts into a blaster, plus a foil sticker sheet to apply. It won’t be officially available until August 1, but you can pre-order it on the Hasbro Pulse site now for $39.

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Picture: Prime Time Toys

Prime Time Toys Dart Zone jurassic world Blasters

single nerve with a line of dinosaur-themed blasters actually tied to the jurassic world franchise, Prime Time Toys has unveiled three new dart shooters for kids who love dinosaurs as much as they love pretending to shoot them. The tameest of the bunch is the $10 Jurassic World Dominion Adventure Force: Blue Blaster, which looks like a velociraptor spitting foam darts (this may not be scientifically accurate), followed by the $30 Adventure Force. Jurassic World Dominion: Pyroraptor features a 10-shot dart cartridge and an 80-foot range.

For adults, the $65 Adventure Force Tactical Strike Jurassic Pro Ultimate Dart Blaster will launch darts at over 125 feet per second; this features a modular design with a detachable taser muzzle brake and removable stock that appears to include a giant mosquito trapped in amber. All three blasters will be Walmart exclusives, but while the Tactical Strike should be available now, the other two will arrive closer to August.

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Picture: Hasbro

Hasbro Connect 4 Marvel Spider-Man Edition

Like the two Monopoly and UN have proven themselves, there are many money to be made by producing themed versions of board games that people already own. Not to be outdone, Hasbro has apparently started making themed versions of Connect 4 starting with a $20 Marvel Spider-Man Edition, whose only theme seems to be records featuring drawings by Peter Parker or Miles Morales. The gameplay is exactly the same, get four in a row to win, but couldn’t they have at least thrown a web or two on it?

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