Sexual use of emoji is prohibited on Facebook, Instagram


Recently, Facebook has decided to officially take a stand against online sexual solicitation. To crack down on the problem, the social media giant updated its community standards, effectively prohibiting the use of certain emoji on Facebook and Instagram.

To be specific, Facebook has banned the use of eggplant and peach emoji when used with various types of sexual content. The updated Facebook Community Standards do not target emoji by name, but rather refer to “[commonly used] sex emoji ”as the subject in question.

According to the adult industry news site XBIZ (NSFW), a user’s account may be flagged or deleted if any of their content meets the vague criteria set out by Facebook in its community standards. Instagram has clarified this process for The New York Post. Content “will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sex emoji alongside an implied or indirect request for nude pictures, sex or sex partners, or sex chat conversations,” a said Instagram.

Facebook says it doesn’t just take action against emoji, either. This new initiative targets nudity and sexual conversations of all kinds.

The only definitive exception to the new policy is when the content draws attention to sexual violence and exploitation. This means that even some of the internet’s favorite memes and gifs could get users flagged or even banned.

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