Schumer locks Thursday vote on bill to avoid government shutdown


Majority leader Charles SchumerChuck SchumerPelosi invokes climate conference to push spending No. 2 Senate Democrat: Raise debt ceiling as part of reconciliation, a “non-starter” (DN.Y.) said Wednesday evening that the Senate had reached an agreement to vote Thursday on a short-term government funding bill to avoid a shutdown.

Under the deal, locked down by Schumer, the Senate will vote Thursday on the interim resolution (CR) continues. Congress has until the end of the day Thursday to avoid a government shutdown that would otherwise begin on Friday.

“We are ready to move forward. We have an agreement on the RC, the resolution continues to prevent a government shutdown and we should vote on it tomorrow morning,” Schumer said from the Senate.

Schumer’s announcement comes after a day of behind-the-scenes haggling over votes on potential changes to the bill. As part of the deal announced by Schumer, the Senate will first vote on three GOP amendments to the government funding measure.

The bill funds the government until December 3, as well as emergency funds for the resettlement of Afghan refugees and disaster relief.

Democrats remove language, which was in the bill when passed in the House, to suspend the debt ceiling until 2022 amid a bitter fight with Republicans, who refuse to help Democrats increase the country’s borrowing limit.

Republicans are trying to force Democrats to lift it themselves as part of reconciliation, a budget process that allows them to bypass filibuster. Democratic leaders have so far ruled out this option. Congress has until Oct. 18 to avoid a historic default, according to a letter this week from the Treasury Secretary Janet YellenJanet Louise YellenSchumer: Democrats ‘can’t and won’t’ raise debt ceiling through reconciliation Alabama governor pushes back criticism for using COVID-19 funds to build prisons.

Because the Senate makes changes to the bill, it will then be sent back to the House, where lawmakers will need to approve it by midnight and send it to President BidenJoe Biden’s Vaccination Rise Includes Biggest Republican Gain Since April: Gallup Power Grab? The Federal Reserve may soon be our only Ford bank asking salaried workers for PLUS vaccination statusfrom the office to avoid a downtime.

“They will send us the CR tomorrow”, President Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi Woman Who Said She Hopes To Shoot Pelosi Jan 6 Pleads Guilty To Budowsky: House Dems Should Support Pelosi, Here’s Why The Hill’s Morning Report – Featured By Alibaba – Progressives Willing To Cash In On The Bill PLUS infrastructure (D-Calif.) Told reporters Wednesday, referring to the Senate.


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