Rubber duck obsessed springer spaniel left hypnotized in toy store

Mia, a one-year-old springer spaniel, visited The Duck House in Brighton where her owner let her choose her own rubber duck.

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Springer Spaniel overwhelmed by a shop full of rubber ducks

A rubber duck-obsessed Springer Spaniel was left bemused when they visited a store dedicated to little yellow toys.

Mia, a one-year-old springer, loves nothing more than taking her rubber ducks everywhere with her – from bath time to bedtime.

So her owner decided to take her to The Duck House in Brighton, which sells over 300 different types of plastic toys.

In a video posted on the Puppy’s TikTok @mia_thespringerspaniel, her owner said, “If you know my dog, you know she’s obsessed with rubber ducks. She couldn’t believe her eyes when we stumbled upon this store in Brighton. ”

Mia the Springer Spaniel is obsessed with rubber ducks


TikTok @Mia_thespringerspaniel)

The Duck House is in The Lanes in Brighton


TikTok @mia_thespringerspaniel)

The camera circles the store selling hundreds of rubber ducks, including ones based on movies and TV shows like FRIENDS and Stranger Things.

The clip then shows a stunned Mia sitting in the middle of the store as her eyes light up at the sight of all the ducks lined up on the shelves.

“Am I dreaming? Is this heaven?” Reads the overlay as Mia apparently can’t contain her excitement.

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Viewers asked Mia’s owner to buy all of the ducks for her, with one writing: “Please get her one of each.”

Another added: “I hope she’s splurged on spending.”

But with a price tag of up to £ 24.99, it would have been a rather expensive shopping experience, so Mia’s owner let the puppy pick one.

She added, “I told her she could pick one, but she was paralyzed in the center of the store just looking around, mesmerized.”

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