Rose sex toy review TikTok UK

TikTok might not be where you would immediately think of going for advice on sex toys. A healthy chopped salad recipe? Sure. The latest viral trend? Absolutely. But sex toys…? Maybe not so much.

But before you go back to your trusty wand vibrator, hear us out — as with unlikely animal friendships and incognito harassment, sometimes social media delivers, and in this case, TikTok is about to win. It’s called ‘the Rose’, a (you guessed it) flower-shaped clitoral suction toy that wouldn’t look too out of place on your coat.

What is the pink sex toy?

You might see the pink toy described as a vibrator, a clitoral sucker, or a pleasure air toy – but they all amount to the same thing: a clitoral sucking toy. About 7cm tall, it looks like a stemless rose with a hole in the middle of the petals that hugs your clitoris (or nipple – no judgment here) and sucks it. It’s made of ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone – it’s a pleasure to hold – and uses magnetic USB charging, so there are no bumpy wire ports to distract.

There’s no specific brand that the good people at TikTok are championing, but in the UK your best bet is the Official Rose Toy on Amazon or sex toy connoisseur’s iteration Lovehoney.

Rose Toy clitoral suction cup stimulator, Lovehoney



And for those asking – yes, it’s waterproof, so shower sex is entirely on the cards.

How does the pink sex toy work?

The pink toy uses air technology to mimic the crème de la crème of cunnilingus – think suction, vibration and a floating, licking sensation. Sounds good, right? It has 10 settings to cycle through, from a steady rumble increasing through six intensities to four different hum patterns.

What sets it apart from other clitoral sucking toys, besides its good looks, is its sheer intensity – as demonstrated in a number of videos by submerging the toy in water.

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How to use the pink sex toy?

Fully charged and ready to rock? Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your pink toy.

  • As with any sex toy, clean before and after use with a mild antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.
  • Remove any piercings or jewelry from the genital area.
  • Make yourself comfortable and apply lube to the toy, yourself or both! A water-based lubricant is recommended to prevent damage to sex toys.
  • Part the labia slightly to expose the clitoris and enclose it with the head of the toy. Use light pressure to maintain a tight seal.
  • Explore the different settings and enjoy!

    Why is the pink toy going viral on TikTok?

    Let’s just say there are sex-positive queens (and kings) out there who share real, genuine reviews. Bright-faced and looking very pleased with themselves, users are flocking to TikTok to describe their experiences with the pink toy.

    In a video With 3.9 million views, the slightly shocked uploader claims she came in 30 seconds with the rose, hilariously calling it ‘disrespectful’ because she didn’t have time to find herself a good one video to enjoy alongside. Meanwhile, the comments below are filled with users claiming the rose works so fast it “steals” their orgasms, and warnings to put down a towel, if you choose to indulge yourself.

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    An user with 1.2 million views claims she came five times in five minutes (go gurl), while another one warns not to be fooled by the pink exterior of the toy – because, as this user attests, it will make you “scream like a pig”.

    You will also find a number of practical guides: many users suggest not to go into the cold – warm up first, especially if you are sensitive there – and take a few breaks during use if all that gets a bit much (spoiler: it probably will).

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    However, some users who have purchased rogue roses have complained about faulty charging and air drill noise levels, so make sure you are buying a legit product.

    Want to see for yourself? Look for #TheRoseToy Where #TheRoseReview – TikTok filters out any direct mention of sex.

    What does the pink sex toy actually look like?

    All right, no more stalling – let’s go. Does the pink toy live up to the hype? We had a chance to try out the Lovehoney Rose clitoral suction stimulator, but we know for sure that all pink sex toys work the same way.

    First, the serious stuff. The toy we tested had a host of handy features that we loved:

    • Comfortable – Although not specifically designed to be ergonomic, it is still easy to hold during solo or couple sex – we recommend using the spoon or the chair.
    • 10 settings – Whoever said variety was the spice of life wasn’t kidding. The 10 functions – six intensity levels and four patterns – can take you from warm-up to blast and everywhere in between.
    • Calm – While no buzzer is completely silent, this was relatively quiet and wouldn’t alert your upstairs neighbors. Although we can’t promise the same when it comes to you…
    • Duration – Fully charged, this thing can last for 65 minutes. Trust us, you won’t need that long.
    • Magnetic charging – The pink sex toy charges quickly using magnetic USB ports, so there are no obstructions to ruin your playtime.
    • Raincoat – As mentioned, the pink toy is completely waterproof, so suitable for all your rub-a-dub adventures.

      So what about the feel? To be honest, it takes a lot to part with our trusty Lelo, but in the name of scientific research, we’ve bravely stepped up. We started on the lowest setting and built our way up, and my god, it’s powerful. Almost immediately, the magic happened and we had to put it through several tests to test all the functions (little violin). I guess what we’re saying is it gets you there, and it gets you there fast. We can’t say we timed it (way to kill the mood), but trust us.

      The combination of waves and pulsations is truly breathtaking, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at the mercy of an oral wizard. Of course, if you’re a girl who also needs a little G-spot action, you’ll need an extra toy or a toy that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot.

      Rest assured we can safely say we’re as addicted as the rest of TikTok – for something as modest as the pink toy offers. And now when we say bring me flowers, that’s what we’re talking about.