Report: Woman attacks her baby after leaving a sex toy in her bag | News

A woman from Forsyth Gardens Apartments was arrested for assaulting her baby daddy on Friday January 14 after confronting her about leaving sex toys in their baby’s baby bag.

Garret Wright of 193 Sharp Street told Forsyth Police Officers Jerry Rafferzeder and Cpl. Kimberly Barnett as he dropped off his infant son with his girlfriend, Shaneshra Lanese Horton, who lives in Apt. M-2 at the resort and was upset to find female sex devices in the baby’s diaper bag when he changed his son. He said he asked the boy’s mother why the items were in the bag and they started arguing when she closed the door on him.

Wright said he was leaving when Horton ran away from her apartment and became violent, knocking off his glasses and hitting him in the right eye, nose and forehead. He said she then grabbed an object in her apartment and smashed the windshield of her vehicle.

Horton admitted to officers that she attacked Wright but he refused to allow her to close the door. She said she took a “trinket” from her living room table and used it to smash her car windshield. Horton said, “I know I shouldn’t have done that.” She was arrested and taken to Monroe County Jail.