Readers wish Reece and Immy’s Toy Shop well

READERS said it was “good news” that two young entrepreneurs were setting up a stall in Barrow Market.

Reece and Immy’s Toy Stop opened the stand at Barrow Market in October after running the business from home.

Reece MacDonald, 21, and Imogen Marshall, 22, started selling a range of products online, but soon discovered that their real passion lay in selling children’s toys. The Toy Stop now sells a range of toys from classic prank store items and dolls, puzzles, fidget toys and coloring books to remote control cars, drones and helicopters, children’s jewelry and homemade resin keychains.

The store was officially opened by Barrow Mayor’s Advisor Hayley Preston. Councilor Preston said: ‘It’s really great to see another new business open in Barrow Market.

Michelle Gunter said: “Excellent news.

Colin France wished them “all the best”.

Amanda Jayne Armstrong said, “Good luck to them.”

Mark Massingham also wished them luck.

However, others have expressed concern about the difficulty of running a business in Barrow Market. Ruth Lipcombe said: “There are some nice stalls in the market. There just don’t seem to be many customers when you walk in.”

Deja Nu replied, “Lots of amazing small businesses here – the market could be booming. Don’t get me wrong, we work well from home, but an affordable and interesting option for a stand that would be workable would be a plus.”

Some commentators have said the market is expected to become more accessible as part of the upgrades it will receive from the Leveling Up fund.

Anne Scourfield asked, “Will there be new toilets at the market when it’s changed?”

Dawn Mckellar replied, “I said they also need to have accessible changing rooms for people with disabilities who need lift and change benches. Surely they can afford that with all the millions it costs.”