Player uses Fisher-Price Toy Controller to play ELDEN RING

There’s something incredibly charming about baby toys that mimic the things we use every day. From laptops to (mostly) very expensive home phones, Fisher-Price usually knows exactly the perfect everyday products for turning toddlers into mini-CEOs and so on. One of our favorite products, of course, is their video game controller, because it’s never too early to activate the young gamer. However, one gamer has upped the ante on the Fisher-Price controller, proving it’s not only for kids. Rudeism – whose real name is Dylan Beck – actually turned him into a functional controller. And he demonstrated it by playing Ring of Elden. The whole thing is actually quite impressive, especially considering the idea started as a joke.

In a two-minute video, Rudeism walks viewers through its new dynamic controller and shows off gameplay. Hilariously, the modified Fisher-Price controller still has all the sound effects of the original form of the toy. In reality, it probably makes for a very entertaining gameplay experience, especially when working on a difficult level or quest. (Although the controller lighting up and shouting “woohoo” is certainly a confidence booster.) But for that purpose, we’re pretty charmed.

The whole video, which we first saw at The edge, shows how well-developed Rudeism’s modded controller is. According to The edge, he equipped the controller with an Arduino Pro Micro clone. It also reworked the joystick to make it moveable and added technology to improve the functionality of additional buttons. But perhaps most impressively is that it revamped the controller in a number of important ways, while also making sure to use the toy controller gamepad.


While he is missing some of Xbox controller functionality, namely the right stick, Rudeism says the child’s controller has a workaround. Below the ABCD buttons, mimicking the Xbox’s XYBA, is a slider that lets you switch between left and right position. This changes the operation of the joystick – the left position controlling playable character movement and the right controlling camera movement – as well as button functions. Of course, it’s not a perfect match for the Xbox controller. But it’s pretty amazing how he’s able to make it work.

And that’s not the last we’ll see of the controller. Rudeism not only plans to do a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the controller, it also plans to beat Elden Ring using the modified controller. We can only hope he releases it.