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Movie cars might grab attention in the auction market, but that doesn’t mean big-screen motorcycles aren’t so worthy. And now, one of the most iconic of all time is about to be won.

Captain America, the Harley-Davidson Chopper ridden by Peter Fonda in the years 1969 Easy rider, will be auctioned by Dan Kruse Classics In early June. While it’s as controversial as the movie that made it famous, the bike could still fetch half a million dollars when it goes under the hammer.

Fonda’s famous motorcycle is a heavily modified 1952 Harley with a fuel tank painted with stars and stripes that was custom built for the film by Dan Haggerty. The counterculture classic, which starred Fonda and Dennis Hopper, tells the story of two hippie outlaws traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras following a big drug deal. Although it remains to critical acclaim decades later, the film’s invigorating take on the end of the “free love” movement, which included a lot of sex, drugs, and violence, was controversial to some.

This particular bike would have been used for a fiery crash scene at the end of the movie. Rather than being sent to the junkyard after the shoot, it was returned to Dan Haggerty who had customized the four old battered Harleys that were used for the shoot, according to Financial Time. The other bikes? These were all stolen shortly after production ended.

It is here, however, that things get blurry. Haggerty, who was going to star in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, restored the wreckage of Captain America and will later display it at the Iowa State Fair. It was then auctioned off to Texas real estate agent Gordon Granger for $ 63,500 in 1996. It was resold in 2014 for $ 1.35 million, except that the bike that was sold was not the one that was sold. Granger had bought. It was another Captain America who Haggerty said was the real bike. Granger’s bike, which is now sold by his estate, comes with three Certificates of Authenticity, including one signed by Haggerty who died in 2016.

“The motorbike we are selling is the crash motorbike from the movie Easy rider“Said unequivocally a spokesperson for the auction house FT.

While its provenance is now uncertain, this version of Captain America is still expected to fetch the highest price when it goes to tender on June 21. The bike, which is no longer operational, is expected to sell for between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000. , according to self-evolution. If the bike is actually the real deal, it just might be a good deal.

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