Pet Corgi Dog Runs Away From Cops Driving A Small Car And Leaves The Internet In Half

The image shows the corgi dog driving a toy car.

Animals and their videos never fail to amaze internet users. Their cute antics amaze viewers so much. One such video is going viral on the internet and shows a corgi dog driving an automobile.

The Instagram video shows an adorable pet corgi dog fleeing the cops in his toy car. The post was shared by an Instagram page dedicated to the animal on October 3. The viral video shows Boba sitting in a small car that appears to be remote controlled.

You’ll probably want to watch this video again and again because it’s so adorable and fun. The video then continues to show how this dog managed to evade the cops.

Boba has nearly 13,000 engaged followers on this page, where various images and videos of his antics and general cuteness have been posted regularly. According to his Instagram bio, this dog resides in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 1.2 million views and over 1.3 lakh likes on Instagram, but it’s still counting. Many users were surprised by this cute antics of Boba and left startling remarks in the comment box of the post.

One user wrote: “Just answering his call to become a new F1 safety driver.”

A second user commented, “AHAHAHA!! Just hit them with the puppy eyes and the corgi smile. It works every time!”

Praising Boba’s driving skills, another user wrote: ‘Nice try mr cop but he’s got an AMG you’ll never catch him.’

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