“People should feel safe on our streets,” community ties to Halloween after continuing violence


“This is what we are trying to change, we are trying to change the paradigm. If we invest in children now, we can guarantee that it will be different in the next 10 years,” said Devon Bey, owner of Brothers. and Sisters Unisex Salon.

Parents and other neighborhood leaders want this year’s Halloween to be an example and a reminder of what the community can accomplish by working together.

“People need to feel safe on their streets. Besides being a family affair, it’s something that connects with the neighborhood, ”said Bill Collins, vice president of the Maplewood Neighborhood Association.

“I was just chatting with my sons before talking about safe spaces, community, people we can trust and just getting to know the people around us and protecting each other,” said Michael Maxwell, who took her two boys to Charity Please.

The candidates vying for a seat on Rochester City Council next week were also in the game.

“I taught martial arts for years, worked at the boys and girls club, leadership comes from building that type of community. That’s why I’m here, so we can have a healthier city overall, “said Marcus Williams, city council candidate.

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