Parents are horrified by children’s game where players throw pugs in a ‘doggy’ position

A children’s dice game horrified parents because one of the moves is performed by throwing two toy pugs into the “doggy style” sex position.

Pass the Pugs players have two mutts to throw at and see how they fall into the six and up game, scoring differently for each landing.

One angry parent wrote online: “I don’t think doggy style is appropriate for six year olds.

Another mom added: “I guess young children don’t know the meaning of it, but the flyer says it’s an outrageous position. Can rethink that one while playing with kids!

An adult who bought the game for a child remarked on his Amazon review: “Brought [sic] as a gift for a child – not happy with doggy style positions for a child. “

Pass the pug instructions with the ‘Doggy Style’ pose that raises the eyebrows at the bottom right

Another parent agreed, saying some kids will question what Doggy Style means, adding, “Yes, I didn’t read the description, I just assumed it was okay for kids because it says 6+ on it. the box. I don’t think doggy style is appropriate for 6 year olds. ”

Amazon has raised the age limit to 12 and over, while WH Smith is raising its age limit.

The Smyths toy store still markets the game for six-year-olds. The makers of Winning Moves have said the position is nearly impossible to obtain, but adds humor to the game, which is based on the Pass the Pigs toy.

One angry parent wrote online: “I don't think doggy style is appropriate for six year olds.
Angry parent wrote online: “I don’t think doggy style is appropriate for six year olds”

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The creators gave the game a special pug-themed makeover just in time for Christmas, but some parents were clearly still pissed off.

Much like the original version, Pass the Pugs comes in a portable plastic case and includes a notepad, rulebook, two pencils, and two animal “dice”.

In honor of the canine components, some changes were made, including a new scoring system inspired by positions often taken by the nation’s four-legged friends – including the ‘unworthy’ one.

In addition to this position, there’s also the more family-friendly Play Dead for five points and Snoozer for one, as well as Walkies and Pooped Out.

Doggy Style, along with Puppy Love, happens when your pugs touch each other – and bring you back to zero. The winner is declared ‘top dog’.