Outstanding 14-year-old humanitarian and environmental activist Dylan Capshaw nominated for Nickelodeon and TIME® magazine ‘Kid of the Year’ 2020


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona., November 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Dylan capshaw officially announced that he had been selected as one of 20 finalists for the very first Child of the year 2020 sponsored by Nickelodeon and TIME® magazine. Already a local celebrity and beloved community worker, Dylan began his activism by rescuing endangered pets and wildlife from a young age. He has since created several service organizations, including the Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation (DCWF) and the Sanctuary, as well as two pandemic response organizations: For The Frontline and The Sanitation Stations. The TIME® and Nickelodeon Kid of the Year 2020 recognize extraordinary young leaders who positively impact their local communities and have a bright future as societal influencers. As the competition narrows, the top five winners will be featured on an hour-long special hosted by Trevor Noah with the final winner who will appear on the cover of an upcoming issue of TIME® magazine. The winner will be announced at a multi-platform, star-studded and broadcast TV event Saturday 5 December at 8 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon, CBS, TeenNick and Nicktoons.

“Whether it’s an animal or a person, I want to help whoever I can,” said Dylan capshaw. “I just hope people stop thinking that you have to be an adult to do something.”

About For the front line and sanitation stations

In partnership with a local shipping company, Dylan created For The Frontline to create filtered masks and reusable 3D printed face shields to help healthcare workers fight the pandemic, amid an ongoing shortage of medical equipment. ‘EAR. With open source 3D printing files, For The Frontline fulfills orders for masks / face shields and delivers them via care packages, while encouraging others to help, using the downloadable 3D printer PPE files. For The Frontline encourages community participation and strengthens support for health workers at risk across the country. To contribute to the effort or to download 3D print files, please visit: www.ForTheFrontline.org.

Sanitation stations freely place PPE vending machines in businesses to help expand access to important pandemic equipment such as wipes, gloves, surgical and reusable masks. Sanitation stations provide consumers with an inexpensive way to source PPE equipment on the go, while encouraging companies to help provide PPE to local communities while retaining a portion of the monthly profits from vending machines. Learn more about: www.TheSanitationStations.org.

About the Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation (DCWF)

Founded in 2017, DCWF is a nonprofit and sanctuary that has saved hundreds of animals in crisis, while helping other wildlife in need around the world through fundraising efforts. The DCWF offers a variety of ways to help, including fundraisers and limited events such as Sponsor an Emu, Australian Fires Fundraiser, local supply runs for animal shelters, VIP sponsorship, and wildlife education. . DCWF is emerging as a popular household name, having been featured in several articles by the local news. To learn more about the organization and its work, please visit: www.DylanCapshawWildlifeFoundation.com.

For more information on Dylan capshaw, please visit local press coverage: Fox 10 News, Channel 12 News, Family from A to Z. Or follow him on social media: Instagram.

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Dylan Capshaw RP
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