NWI Business Ins and Outs: Lego toy store, lobster roll restaurant, Ynot Treasures and Renegade Resale open; Starbucks closes | Northwest Indiana Business Titles

A new toy store in Valparaiso specializes in Legos and collectibles.

Miller’s Toy Box opened last fall at 3512 Calumet Ave., near El Salto, in a bustling mall with a cafe, pizzeria, and barber shop. It offers rare Legos, such as one would find in a Lego store, a Legoland or a Lego Discovery Center.

“To find a store like ours, you’ll have to travel to the western suburbs of Chicago, Detroit, or Indianapolis,” owner Jason Miller said. “There’s also one at Water Tower Place. We specialize in things you won’t see at Walmart.”

Miller has been in the collectibles business since 1989. He has traded collectibles in a number of places, such as NWI Comic-Con and the Brickworld conventions, including the upcoming one in Indianapolis.

He eventually came to see that there was an underserved demand for Legos.

“I did Star Wars and Hot Wheels, but wanted to come back and do something you don’t see every day,” Miller said. “We had one or two, or a half-dozen sets when we first started, but we ended up showing up at toy shows with entire stalls of nothing but Legos. We’ve been strictly Legos and have a reputation for finding stuff that no one else has. We just received ‘Home Alone’ sets for Christmas which were gone within days. “