Nordstrom Toy Store’s 27 Best Gifts for Kids

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Every year as we start making our holiday shopping lists, certain toy and gift ideas for kids keep coming up. And that’s exactly what some kids want. But some of us don’t want to give our children the same as everyone else. We seek to find something special for the children in our lives that they certainly won’t get anywhere else. A great place to look for such clever gifts for kids this year is Nordstrom’s Toy Store.

There are over 1,200 children’s toys and gifts in the shop, so we’ve narrowed it down to 25 of our favorites below. There are so many more to covet (and it’s perfectly normal for an adult to own this corgi toy, isn’t it?), so be sure to check out Nordstrom for the rest.

Buy it! Soft Landing Flamingo JoyRides Rocker, $74.99;

Although kids can transform almost anywhere into a magical space, they deserve a little help every once in a while. Play tents – like this Mini Camper Playhouse – have become so creative, as have rocking horses, which now include so many other species we never dreamed of riding. Cozy kids’ chairs (in the shape of dinosaurs or unicorns) and play tables encourage little ones to play quietly in their own space rather than climbing all over parent and adult furniture.

Buy it! Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Play Kit, $32.99;

From before they can turn around until they walk away, kids rely on adults to give them the tools they need to get around. And by tools, we often mean toys, like this gorgeous horse swing for babies from 10 months to 66 pounds. A rainbow push toy from Skip Hop is great for those first steps, and once they’ve mastered those motor skills, it’s onto the balance bike. An inflatable soccer goal or mini golf set is suitable for both indoor and outdoor competition. And for older kids and adults who really want to test their aim, Tic Tac Go will be a fun and silly challenge.

Buy it! Ruby Red Fashion Friends I Believe I Can Fly Lila Doll, $129.99;

You may have a future artist, performer, or writer on your hands, or you may simply have an admirer of the arts. Either way, now is the time to indulge their creative and linguistic interests. It starts with picture books with nursery rhymes and personalized messages (who doesn’t like to see their name printed?). It can be a budding hobbyist who will enjoy opening a new craft activity every day throughout December, or a spectacular 3D paper bird kit. They may be the type who need to gather friends and family to listen to their karaoke performances, or they may want to sit quietly by themselves, listening to someone else’s music on a pair of headphones. plush headphones. And if wordplay is their thing, Boggle is a classic way to compete with family members while building their spelling skills and vocabulary.