Nightwing vs Daredevil: who would win


Nightwing is Batman’s best partner. Daredevil is the Fearless Man. If they met in a dark alley, who would win?

Without a doubt, Night wing and daredevil are two of the best street fighters to call themselves superheroes. Battle-proven, hard-hitting, resilient, and blessed with a knack for asymmetric combat, the two have no problem getting by while fighting in a cramped cityscape. But what if they fought against each other?

There are few superheroes in the DC or Marvel Universes who are more experienced in melee combat than Nightwing and Daredevil. Dick Grayson made his street fighting debut at the age of eight as Robin, the sidekick of one of the most demanding and punishing mentors in comics – Batman. Indeed, Batman wasn’t averse to letting Robin feel all the pain of crime-fighting, which he said would make Dick a better superhero and partner. Likewise, Matt Murdock was born into a fighting family. His father was an accomplished heavyweight boxer who taught his son from an early age to defend himself in a fight. These basic combat skills were further enhanced during his tutelage under the guidance of blind martial arts master Stick and his training with the ninja clan known as “The Hand.”

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Naturally, combat abilities are only one part of a superhero’s ability. It is notably in their other abilities that Nightwing and Daredevil begin to differentiate themselves. For Nightwing, the main difference is how comfortable it is to use the technology. As an original member of the Bruce Wayne / Batman superhero family tree, he understands the benefits that the use of technology gives to a superhero without superpowers. This point is most clearly demonstrated in the Nightwing costume, which is a body-wide extension of Batman’s utility belt. He not only provides Nightwing with a cache of weapons and tools to defeat his opponent, but also works to make the most of his inherent skills as a highly trained and experienced acrobat.

nightwing 80 variant cover

For Daredevil, the secret sauce is his superpowers. While his contact with radioactive liquid blinded him, it also amplified his other senses to superhuman levels. For example, it increased his hearing so that he could hear other people’s heartbeats from over ten feet away. This allows him to differentiate the status of that heartbeat, such as reading it to understand whether the person is happy or scared. Likewise, he has developed a “bat” sonar that allows him to know the precise location of any object in its periphery. More importantly, through his training with Stick, Daredevil has learned to incorporate his heightened sensitivities into his martial training to improve his agile lethality.

The Daredevil Noir # 1 cover variant.

So who would win in a fight between two equally skilled, experienced and mentally tough opponents? Based on their inherent talents and skills, the likely outcome would be a status quo. There is no skill that either possesses that gives them a significant advantage over the other. However, if additional abilities are considered, Daredevil’s heightened senses far outweigh Nightwing’s technological prowess. Indeed, Daredevil might lure Nightwing into a situation – like an all-black room – that plays with his sensory perceptions but shrinks down. of the wing of the night technological capabilities. It would be an all-out brawl that would ultimately be won by daredevil.

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