Newspaper subscription donations increase toy fund

Newspaper subscriptions have proven to be a popular gift idea this past holiday season, and this is great news for the kids helped by the Press Herald Toy Fund.

Building on a successful effort last year, the Portland Press Herald pledged to donate $ 10 to the Toys Fund for every 52-week subscription purchased during the holiday season and $ 5 for every subscription. 26 weeks.

The Lewiston Sun Journal has also joined us, pledging to donate $ 10 of the proceeds from each 52-week subscription.

Whether it is to help the association, support local journalism, or just to stay informed and entertained, many people have subscribed to newspapers in recent weeks.

The Press Herald sold 195 52-week subscriptions and 59 26-week subscriptions, and the Sun Journal sold 48 52-week subscriptions.

And that added to a total of $ 2,725 for the toy fund thanks to Press Herald and Sun Journal readers who invested in their local news organizations.

Donations from readers of the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, The Sun Journal in Lewiston and The Times Record in Brunswick enable the toy fund to deliver gifts to thousands of children in need in York counties, Cumberland , Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Androscoggin and Knox. To help you, go to

Donations continue to arrive (they are accepted year round) and newspapers will continue to publish the names of donors in the coming days.


Generous Press Herald Readers Who Donate Local Journalism – $ 2,245
Generous Sun Journal Readers Donating Local Journalism – $ 480
Jody and Donald Abbott $ 200
Jade and Tom Doyle $ 50
In Memory of Oma & Gramps – JPC $ 300
Kenneth and Kathlyn Moran $ 100
Alex and Nan Patterson $ 100
In memory of my mother, Rose M. Taliento. From the Bancroft family $ 50
D&G Machine Products Inc. $ 3,500
Liz and Robert Wagner $ 250
For next year… and for my Aunt Fe ‘, mother of nine children… Happy Holidays! $ 250
In honor of my friends and colleagues at Networks Accounting. By David Gao $ 100

TTO DATE: $ 211,329.49

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