New toy store warmly welcomed to Church Stretton

Rachael and William Sankey at the store with their boys George, nine, Daniel, 16 and David, 18

Harold’s Toy Store in Shrewsbury Road, is named after a well-known local bricklayer and father of William Sankey who started the business with his wife Rachael and mother Louisa.

“We’ve had some lovely feedback from local boys who’ve been there who are really positive about it,” Rachael said. “They say we provide things they haven’t seen in Church Stretton.

The new toy store

“We’ve had a steady flow of people coming in and it’s been really good and it’s a positive start.”

It’s a brand new business for the family none of whom have worked in retail before but everyone has contributed.

The family promises a new retail experience to complement the already thriving store community.

Ms Sankey added: ‘We will be stocking good quality fun products for all ages. We hope the items we sell will provide sustainable options, either by design or because they are made to last and be collected.

“We also want to offer products that bring joy and are fun to buy in person. We will offer a good selection of Lego and Schleich as well as very fluffy alpacas. We’re also bringing things for the older ones, like Tamiya, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons radio-controlled cars as well as Games Workshop’s Warhammer.

The new toy store

“There will be loads of other stuff and we’ll keep looking for more interesting stuff that isn’t readily available locally or even on the internet.

“We are really excited to open.

“Other shop owners have also been very welcoming and we are delighted to join them in making Church Stretton a great place to visit.”