New shops and toy store open in Johnson County

Whether it’s custom succulent arrangements, homemade candles, graphic apparel, or a place to play games and buy superhero figurines, Johnson County’s new stores have something for everyone. almost everyone as shoppers gear up for Small Business Saturday.

The four stores featured below have opened in Johnson County in recent months.

Sapphire Sauvage Shop

When Kiersten Armbruster went viral on TikTok for her handcrafted travel mugs, including cow tumblers, she knew she had the potential to start her own business and be successful there.

She also made pillows, blankets, candles, sensory toys, bows, and paint clocks. For many of her creations, she asks her followers during live videos on TikTok, and their requests help her decide on her next creations.

Armbruster first opened a store in Greenwood just before the pandemic hit, but like many small businesses, it proved too financially difficult. This year she has been luckier so far. Her new Wild Sapphire boutique opened October 26 at 400 Tracy Road, Suite 2, New Whiteland.

“I took a few years off and was able to quit my full time job after going viral on TikTok and earning a few thousand dollars. Some of the vendors from the original store are still with us and the others are from the word of mouth,” Armbruster said. “We’ve had a lot of really good feedback from the community, it’s really busy pretty much every day, people see us here.

Prior to opening his store, Armbruster sold his wares at flea markets and craft shows, but the cost of setting up a tent in the markets outweighed the benefits. Now, with more business experience under her belt, she feels more confident this time around.

“The first time we launched it and this time we know who to sell to and what people are looking for in terms of quality items,” she said. “It’s a store where you can pick up gifts for your colleagues and family members.”

For small businesses on Saturday, the store will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will offer two $25 candles, three $15 room sprays, two $17 corks and wires, and 10% off d other items.

Faraday Toys

Twins Aaron and Matthew Wardell started the new company Greenwood Faraday Toys with a lifelong love of action figure collecting. After working at several game stores in the Indianapolis area, Matthew Wardell wanted to have something of his own.

“I ended up saying ‘I could do it too’ and we realized our collection was quite large and we had opening stock. We got our money together and opened the store. It was one of my dreams of opening a toy store,” said Matthew Wardell.

Aaron Wardell was an independent contractor designing theatrical costumes before he and his brother started the business, which opened Oct. 8 at 350 S. Madison Ave., Greenwood.

“During the pandemic, my career as a costume designer came to a halt, and it was the perfect time to branch off and try something new,” said Aaron Wardell. “Matthew pitched the idea to me and I said ‘let’s go’. We both know about toys, it’s a big part of our lives and it was the perfect opportunity.

People can buy and trade toys at the store and can gather to play games at tables set up for community play.

As collectors themselves, they know their clientele, said Aaron Wardell.

“As longtime toy collectors, we understand how we want to be treated when we walk into a store, and we want to treat everyone who walks into the store the same,” he said.

The twins plan to expand their engagement with movie and game nights, as well as classes, Matthew Wardell said.

“We have gentlemen who will be running Warhammer tournaments around here, we will have a beginners Dungeons and Dragons class the first two Mondays of every month and I will be teaching customization and toy making classes,” he said. declared.

To follow the latest news on events and classes, follow the “Faraday Toys” Facebook page. The store is not planning anything specific for Small Business Saturday, but will be open to accommodate shoppers.

The botanical shop of the grove

The inspiration for owner Rachel Alvey to start her Franklin business began during the pandemic and grew through a growing following at festivals and the farmers market.

“During COVID my little hobby of plants and gardening grew. We had time to be home and I could spend that time planting my own seeds and propagating,” Alvey said. “He had invaded my whole house and my garage and every other free space you could think of and my husband said “you have to do something with that”. I decided to open a stand at the Franklin Farmers Market. I had a table and tent and a scrumptious bar. I sold plants, vegetables and eggs. We raise chickens at home.

Alvey became known as “the luscious lady,” and while she enjoyed her interactions with customers, she wanted a more permanent location. It opened the first weekend in November at 71 E. Jefferson St., Franklin.

“Carrying around can be tedious, and sometimes it’s not the best time at certain events. I wanted a fixed location,” Alvey said.

Now, in addition to succulents, she has items in the store from local vendors, including: Walker’s Homestead, which sells goat’s milk skincare products; Dirt Darlin’, specializing in apple and pumpkin jam, salsa and butter; Posh Botanical, which offers handmade chunky knit candles and blankets; and The Boho Garage, which focuses on wicker furniture, pillows and home decor, Alvey said.

Alvey, who works alongside her two daughters and her husband, keeps the store open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday. The store will offer discounts on Saturday and Sunday this week, offering 10% off any in-store purchase and a freebie with a purchase of $50 or more, she said.

At home with Heartland

The store at 150 W. Jefferson St. in Franklin is owner Jennifer Nelson’s second storefront. She has been running a boutique in Nashville of the same name for about six years.

At Home With Heartland includes handmade furniture and candles, as well as wholesale clothing and accessories.

“I make almost all of my candles, wax melts and shirts myself, and my father-in-law makes the furniture and works the wood,” Nelson said. “I started where we were at 95% handmade in Nashville. My family is full of carpenters and woodworkers and I started in that direction, but it grew to the point that we couldn’t keep up. We have introduced other products with handmade furniture. I make my own candles and graphic shirts, and have a boutique line with men’s and women’s clothing.

Nelson has nine employees who help with inventory, sales and marketing, and work with wholesalers to stock the store with items to complement those homemade.

“As far as our success goes, it’s about staying in tune with trends, with what people are asking for, and not getting bogged down doing the same thing every day,” Nelson said. “If it’s going well, keep it and if not, move on to something new and try it. We do a lot of things based on customer and store feedback.

The store will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and Saturday for small businesses. Shoppers who attended the store’s open house and spent $150 or more received scratch tickets that they can redeem today and Saturday for discounts. All other customers will receive 10% off all apparel and accessories.