New M1 Mac mini Pro model in the works


For those of us wondering if Apple will announce a new Mac mini model this year, a tech reporter says yes. The next Mac mini will replace the Intel pro-focused model already sold. The rumored M1 Mac mini pro model will feature an updated design and more ports than the current model, and of course Apple’s own M1 processor.

The Mac mini M1X

In 2020, Apple released the first Mac mini with its M1 processor. This model offers fewer ports than the high-end Intel version introduced in 2018. It was intended to replace entry-level Mac mini models and therefore came with two fewer Thunderbolt ports. Only one of these is useful for an external display, but the computer still has an HDMI port for your second monitor.

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, writing in his Light up newsletter, reports that a pro model is in the works. It expects it to arrive “in the next few months” and offers an updated design with more ports than the current model. This could spell the end of the Intel-based Mac mini.

If Gurman is correct about the M1X name, it suggests that this new model will have the same gen processor cores as the M1. These are also the same processor cores as the A14 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 12. However, the desktop computer would achieve better performance by offering more processor cores and GPUs on a larger chip. At least, that’s what Apple did for the X processors of previous iPad models.

A welcome refreshment for the “Pro” model of the Mac mini

The current Mac mini M1 definitely has its advantages. However, the computer is limited when it comes to business use. Plus, since Apple hasn’t really changed the overall design of the Mac mini since 2010, a redesign would definitely be welcome. Gurman has talked about the prospect of a new Mac mini in the past, and now he seems more convinced than ever that it will come to fruition.

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