NBA YoungBoy shares ‘Lock Down Session’ single he recorded in prison


The track was reportedly recorded over the phone and on it, he raps about his daughter having COVID and prosecutors having it for him.

The world has received a handful of updates from NBA YoungBoy since his arrest earlier this year. In the past year, he has welcomed two children with two wives and he confirmed months ago that his girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle, was also expecting. YoungBoy has fought a federal case in which he faces weapons charges resulting from an arrest in September 2020 and his lawyers are working diligently to ensure he is released as soon as possible.

On Wednesday August 11, the audio for YoungBoy’s latest song “Lock Down Session” went viral and it’s safe to say he’s making the most of his time behind bars.

He recorded the track over the phone, making it the first version premiered while in prison. YoungBoy spoke about the issues that weighed heavily on his mind as he spoke out about friends and acquaintances who only want bang for their buck, his youngest daughter testing positive for COVID-19, awaiting her freedom, her children missing, going “mad” while inside, and her “daughter acting like she doesn’t need a * gga.”

He apologized to his mother for his current situation and promised his fans that he would not let them down. Listen to “Lock Down Session” below and share your thoughts.


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