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How cute is he! Today on Indy Style we meet Tom Dock’s new puppy AND discuss all things National Walk Your Dog Day! ”

1) February 22 is National Walk Your Dog Day! While we don’t really know who started this annual celebration, our puppies are probably quite happy they did! Having our dog walk with your dog can be beneficial for you and your beloved dog.

2) In a 2017 study, research showed that dog owners walked about 22 minutes MORE per day than non-dog owners and that they walked at a faster pace, often approaching 3 miles per hour. As we all know, going out and walking for just 30 minutes a day can lead to better blood pressure control, diabetes, and other illnesses.

3) But the health benefits don’t stop with us… our dogs benefit from the walk both physically and mentally. There is an old adage in veterinary medicine that says “a tired dog is a good dog!” “. Remember, the # 1 reason pets are often abandoned at shelters is due to behavioral issues, so this time you spend with your dog you could just keep your pet in your family. !

4) History credits Jim Buck of New York with the opportunity to be the first professional dog walker. As the population of 1960s New York City continued to grow, many professionals found that they couldn’t find the time to make sure their furry companions went out often enough. From those humble beginnings, dog walkers can be found in every neighborhood and have even spread to social media to make sure our dogs get the attention they need.

5) Services like Rover.com and WagWalking.com have combined the convenience of having someone else to walk your dog with other services, such as daytime walk-in tours or even overnight stays at your house.

6) So how much of a walk can your dog take? This is a question best left to you and your vet. As you can imagine, different breeds have different activity requirements. The ever-athletic border collie or energetic Siberian Husky may require longer and longer walks compared to a lazy Basset Hound or small Yorkshire Terrier.

7) Health conditions will also be factored into your pet’s daily exercise routine. Healthy young adult animals can tolerate more frequent or longer exercise, but older pets, those with heart problems, or even just arthritis might limit how far the puppy is willing to go.

8) Also keep in mind the appropriate leash. While the popular Flexi-Leads are great for allowing your puppy to explore grassy areas while you keep your feet dry, they are less practical on busy city streets and are known to break at inconvenient times. . Consider a sturdy six-foot leash of the appropriate weight for your pet.

9) Even if you have your pet on a leash, sometimes accidents happen and your pet escapes. Make sure your pet has proper identification, including a microchip, so they can find their way back to you!

10) Finally, remember that these walks will take you to areas where you have no control over what your pet will encounter. Routine vaccination against distemper, canine parvovirus, leptospirosis and even Bordetella should be kept up to date. Rabies vaccination, of course, is required by law and will save you heartache and money if your pooch decides to bite or bite someone.

11) Likewise, microscopic parasites abound in the environment and worms such as roundworms and hookworms can be picked up by your pet and then passed on to your family. Ask your vet what is the best way to make sure that noxious pests, like those coarse intestinal parasites, deadly heartworms, or annoying fleas and ticks, don’t get into your home.

You can find these tips and more on our noahshospitals.com blog page or on PetPalsTV.com.


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