Mizkif mocks HasanAbi with a doll

HasanAbi has been in the center of attention ever since his scathing remarks against xQc regarding the Twitch tier list made the rounds of the internet. Mizkif has now reacted to the drama on his Twitch channel.

In addition to the widespread criticism of Hasan, Mizkif or Matthew Rinaudo, during a recent livestream, decided to poke fun at him and make fun of him using a doll.

Mizkif mocks HasanAbi’s outrage

The Turkish-American streamer has been in the spotlight since his outcry over xQc’s streamer tier list. The discord between the two started when the Canadian streamer placed HasanAbi on Tier B, which was the third tier on the list.

xQc or Felix Lengyel went on to say on his stream that he “liked” Hasan. However, the main rationale for its inclusion in the lower tier was due to its sporadic upload schedule.

HasanAbi did not take the ranking lightly. He bombarded xQc on Twitter, and his account has since gone private. Hassan said,

“xQc is probably rated as a B-list streamer because I won’t f**king him up when a trending political thing happens where he has to act like he cares about cultivating the last ounce of the Twitch repertoire before to go back to promoting crypto gambling to teens for millions.”

xQc replied saying,

“I don’t like the language here. I think it’s really disgusting…”

He further added,

“I wouldn’t do that to my friends or acquaintances and treat them like that. I think that’s some kind of dog shit.”

To add to the fire, Mizkif brought a baby toy to his stream and began patting him gently on the head as he pretended to try to comfort him, saying:

“It’s okay Hasan, I heard what xQc said, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad, it’s okay…”

Timestamp: 5:42:51

Although in a previous stream, Mizkif expressed his disapproval of the tier lists, feeling that it causes a lot of conflict between creators, he seems to have found Hasan’s retort to be overbearing.

How fans reacted to the clip

Fans were widely critical of Hasan’s comments against xQc. And that’s how they reacted to Mizkif’s recent mockery of HasanAbi.

There could still be another chapter in the feud between Hasan and xQc to unfold. HasanAbi has yet to react to Mizkif’s derision, although it is believed the nature of the American’s comments is not to fuel the conflict but to see the lighter side of it.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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