Melanie Martinez Launches CyberBaby Toy Store’s New NFT Collection

With the not-so-shocking revelation that social media giants are using algorithms to direct users to potentially psychologically harmful content, the essentiality of Melanie Martinez’s message becomes more urgent than ever. Indeed, the iconoclastic singer continues to convey empowerment and self-confidence through the very action of her uncompromising creativity. Simply, there’s nothing she does that even remotely resembles anyone else – and in doing so, she’s built an army of admirers (13 million YouTube subscribers, nearly 11 million followers on Instagram, another 4.5 million on TikTok) who are inspired to strive for this same ideal.

So even its maiden entry into the arguably over-excited NFT market just screams “Melanie,” while keeping it decidedly playful and smart. Featured this week, her toy store CyberBaby by Melanie Martinez by (on extols one of her great passions, that of vintage toys, something she had previously channeled into a complement of adorable little auto critters. -created, each representing a unique facet of the universal psyche of the 21st century.

So in this NFT collection, Claustrophobic Teddy Bear, who we can all definitely relate to after 22 months of intermittent lockdowns; Narcissistic Duck, who is surely ready to remind us of not being too self-absorbed all the time; Dairy Cow Mother, who can nurture us with love in these difficult times and, because she can fly, encourage us to soar above the tragedies unfolding all around us; Emo Elephant, who we can empathize with when it all gets too much; and last, but not least, Stoner Swan, who will decisively help us forget our problems when it seems like the only reasonable solution.

Responding to NFT’s environmental concerns, toy store CyberBaby will also be carbon offset using, a sustainability platform that calculates carbon emissions based on associated energy consumption – these offsets being channeled to forest conservation projects verified by the American Carbon Registry.

“These little creatures have been a huge inspiration to my art for years,” enthuses Ms. Martinez. “They hold deep sentimental value to me and I know many of my fans also collect them. I wanted to bring them to life in the digital world for all to enjoy, and I dedicate these animations to other vintage toy enthusiasts who share the same affinity!”

We already feel better.