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Supermodel. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Asian TV phenomenon SupermodelMe Revolution premieres October 11, 2021 on AXN Asia, with 12 stunning new models from nine Asian countries set to strut about and hopefully launch a sparkling career.

Model and actress Cindy Bishop will host the show, joined by a panel of experts and judges including Yu Tsai, Hanli Hoefer, Ase Wan and Catriona Gray.

Before the show starts, learn about the personalities behind the stunning faces:

Cassandra.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Cassandra. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Owner of a new Japanese restaurant where she takes care of marketing, operations and sales, Cassandra is an established businesswoman as well as a passionate role model. Her favorite saying is: “No matter what life throws at you, you can always be strong and face it head on.”

Claire.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Claire. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Although she has only been a model for three years, Claire is “decisive, objective, ambitious” and strives to seize every opportunity. Her creative background as a freelance graphic designer and jeweler adds to her understanding of modeling.

Hannah.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Hannah. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Modeling is part of Hannah’s family – yes, she’s the younger sister of Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, one of Singapore’s top models, but Hannah is here to prove she’s more than “sister. d’Aimee, ”and she already has a solid portfolio of modeling work to show it. Hannah can be described as “adaptable, motivated and outgoing”. She also enjoys cooking.

Isabelle.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Isabelle. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Isabelle has already worked with a number of international brands like Tom Ford, Vivienne Tam and Glam Glow, but she really wants to break into professional modeling with her distinctive editorial look. Isabelle believes that as long as you believe in yourself and persevere, your dreams can come true.

Jenifer.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Jenifer. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Half Thai and half Swedish, Jennifer has already established herself on the swimsuit and fitness modeling scene but wants to push her editorial work further. Jennifer is “open-minded and ready for anything, and enjoys a challenge,” describing herself as empathetic and understanding.

Melanie.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Melanie. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



“Outgoing, adventurous and driven,” Melanie’s experience on the national youth volleyball team suited her job as a business model, but now she wants to enter the world of high fashion and editorial work. . While modeling is her focus, Melanie is also studying to become a journalist.

Nikki.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Nikki. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Despite being the youngest model in the series, Nikki already has a lot of experience in TV commercials and on the catwalks. She is described as being “bonkers, talkative and spontaneous”, which does not prevent her from being professional and ambitious.

Prisca.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Prisca. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



She may not have had any experience as a model, but Prisca has determination and intelligence. The half French, half Malaysian model works as a portfolio management assistant in the largest European asset management company in Paris, and is super confident. She wants to show that women can be “beautiful and smart at the same time”.

Quhyn Ahn.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Quhyn Ahn. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



She walked the runways at Seoul Fashion Week and flew to Paris to be the face of the Miss Saigon fragrance campaign, so nothing scares this experienced and daring model. Her experience in other modeling competitions will give her a head start to win the top prize.

TJ.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Hong Kong

Appearing on billboards all over Hong Kong was just the first step in TJ’s march to the top of the modeling world. Not just a model, TJ is also an apprentice tattoo artist and says she will take this “contest as a challenge to get a bigger audience.”

Wi WI.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Wi WI. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



With a family involved in the fashion industry, Wiwi is at ease both behind and in front of the camera. Obtaining her degree in fashion merchandising didn’t stop her from also walking the catwalks and booking photo shoots. She is “determined to prove to the world the global potential and commercial viability of Vietnamese models.”

Zeline.  (PHOTO: AXN Asia)

Zeline. (PHOTO: AXN Asia)



Already a full-time model, Zeline has learned to “ignore enemies and be herself,” but says she will do anything to win the competition and boost her career. She is described as “hyperactive and cheerful with a fun personality and a positive disposition”.

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