Mattel launches #TaptoRebox to reclaim and reuse old toys -Toy World Magazine

The #TaptoRebox initiative will encourage parents to declutter, donate and recycle with the best advice from Mattel Playback.

The simple 3-step process allows kids and parents to pack and send pre-loved Mattel toys for recycling into new ones.

To help parents declutter after Christmas and live more sustainably, Mattel launched #TaptoRebox with Mattel Reading; a toy trade-in program for Barbie, Matchbox and Mega that will allow families to extend the life of their Mattel toys after they finish playing with them.

The new program is designed to recover and reuse materials from old Mattel toys, and supports the company’s goal of achieving 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastics in all products and packaging by 2030.

Mattel also teams up with Kate Ibbotson, Professional De-Clutter and Life Coach, Founder of Organizational Services. A tidy mind to provide decluttering, donation and recycling advice to UK parents.

Kate Ibbotson gave this advice: “If you haven’t managed to declutter before Christmas, now is a great time to start as we start the New Year. Encourage kids to donate toys they aren’t using or have outgrown for charity – or use the Mattel Playback program.

Kate continued, “The A Tidy Mind team donates and recycles items on behalf of their customers and is determined that nothing goes to landfill if it can be avoided. I am a big supporter of the Mattel PlayBack program and #TaptoRebox; I have discovered that children are passionate about giving and recycling their toys and that it can develop their sense of empathy and social responsibility.

“At Mattel, we are committed to managing the environmental impact of our products,” added Pamela Gill-Alabaster, Global Head of Sustainability. “The Mattel PlayBack program helps parents and caregivers ensure that materials stay in and out of landfills, with the goal of reusing those materials as recycled content in new products. This is an important step we are taking to meet the growing global waste challenge.

To participate in the Mattel #TaptoRebox PlayBack program, consumers can visit, print a free shipping label, and then pack and return their oversized Mattel toys to Mattel.

The toys collected will be sorted and separated by type of material and handled and recycled responsibly. For materials that cannot be reused as recycled content, Mattel will recycle them or convert them from waste to energy. Currently, the program will accept Barbie, Matchbox and Mega toys for recycling, with more brands added in the future.

The #TapToRebox campaign will also be launched in other European countries to encourage parents to donate or recycle old toys with Mattel Playback, with influencers and parents signing up for the program in the UK, Germany and France. .